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There will be no hope for me in Sydney!

Oops, I just realised I’d started this post days ago, and I haven’t finished it off!!! …  So I’ll start off with my original post ..

Check out what I’m going to have to contend with when I move … how am I going to keep myself amused?  Check out all these lovely stores I’ll have on my doorstep in Sydney:

And I already have a few offers of people that are going to come visit me while I’m up there – I’m really looking forward to having visits from my good pal Sharon, who was my first real stitching pal in Melbourne (I’m gonna miss you heaps!).  Also one of the girls at work who is no longer talking to me ‘cos I’m leaving haha, is already planning a girls weekend away so we can see the sights during the day, go to the theatre, then party the weekend away – I’m excited already at all these upcoming social occasions, and I haven’t even moved yet!  Of course, I’m sure I’ll be visiting Melbourne occasionally at the weekends as well … it’s only 11/2 hours by plane, which is great 🙂

Now I must say today I also spent more money that I shouldn’t be spending (yeah, so what’s new lately? haha) … and it’s all the fault of Rebecca (that friend from work who’s coming partying in Sydney) and Mel – I went on a buying spree to buy some Bud Ducks for them, as Highpoint Shopping Centre have an awesome selection … well, I walked in the door and found they’d just received shipment yesterday of some brand new designs … whaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I have to admit, two of them came home with me … well, what’s a duck-mad girl to do???  The two that I bought for myself are these ones – International Duck and Angel Duck … how could I resist them??  The International “Mile High Duck” I just thought was so appropriate for me and my new job – travelling interstate, but also working in the travel industry … just wish my passport had all those visa stamps haha.  And I also bought some teeny weeny little ones to come travelling with me – well, I gotta have at least ONE duck in my new room right?  But then it’s not fair to let one duck make the journey all on it’s own, and it just HAD to have company!  I really LOVE the blue Angel Duck – the colour is gorgeous.  Check out these new little additions to my travelling kit:


And there are sooooooo many more that I really really want!! I guess you could call me the Imelda Marcos of ducks!!! 😀

As you can tell, there’s also no stitching happening at the moment … I just can’t stop yapping on here instead – plus spending 2 entire hours yapping to Mum on the phone today haha.  Now I’m sat in front of the TV watching So You Think You Can Dance … perhaps I might find a needle to pick up … perhaps … 😉

Rightio, going by the TV reference to So You Think You Can Dance, I guess I started typing this on Thursday night last week …  Now it’s time to update with the latest news!

As a matter of fact there has been a little bit of needlework happening out here in Pascoe Vale South – I’ve managed to finish off another block of Snapperville, and almost managed to complete the border around as well … a couple more hours and I’ll knock that off pretty easily.  I must say after not having much stitching mojo for a while, I’m absolutely LOVING stitching Snapperville … I just don’t want to put it down!  I think the Winter Snappers will be jumping on the Q-snaps quite quickly after I make the big move up north as well – I just love these little charts! 🙂


As for what else is news … I’ve spoken to someone from work who moved to Sydney a while ago, to see what his flatting arrangements are now (he used to flat with the girl whose job I’m taking over), and it seems he’s just bought an apartment and prefers to live on his own for now as his partner may be joining him in the future … but he’s said it’s OK if I get desperate that he’ll never see me go without a roof over my head and has offered ’emergency housing’ if I need to while I’m searching (Brenda has family coming over in the middle of December, so I have a maximum of 4 weeks to find somewhere).

BUT, I just had a phone message out of the blue today from someone else who worked with me 3 years ago – he’d just had lunch with a friend from my office who told him my news, and apparently he’s moving to Sydney as well and wanted to know what my planned living arrangements were going to be … I’ll have a chat to him over the next few days about it, as that could be another option – but that would probably mean having to freight my belongings up north … probably …  Herc should also find out about his interview results by the end of tomorrow as well, which might be another living option (probably my preferred one overall, as Matt is quite young and a bit of a party animal, and I’m that much older and just looking for a simple quiet life) – anyway, time will tell, and at least there are a few more friendly faces in Sydney that I know from work … yippee!! 🙂

As for work itself, they haven’t approved my leave that I wanted, because it’s Melbourne Cup week and they can’t afford more people off the phones.  They’ve given me Fri 9 Nov only, which is cr*p … let’s just say I’m a bit disappointed to say the least – it just depends who you are, I think, whether they want to make an effort to help out or not … and all I’ll say is that “I’m not Greek” … one of the Managers has a bad reputation for that – she’s Greek, and has a few family and friends that work there, and let’s just say they can get away with murder … that’s one thing I’m not going to miss – the office politics!  I don’t usually let it get to me and turn a blind eye, but everyone thinks their decision is appalling due to the circumstances, especially after doing so much for the company during my time there – but there’s no point getting cranky about it, it just gives you ulcers and doesn’t change anything.  Anyway, I’ve sent an email to the “big boss” in our office stating that if I can’t be given the extra two days leave, could I please use my 8 Luv Ya Work Awards in one day (the maximum is supposed to be 4, ie 2 hours off work) … that would let me leave 2 hours early which means on a 6am shift I could be hitting the road at midday.  Now all we have to do is work out if it’s still worthwhile having Mum fly over and driving up the coast, seeing as we’re two travelling days short.  Oh decisions, decisions …

As for Muffy here, I have to admit over the last few days she hasn’t exactly been endearing herself, and while I think she’s a beautiful dog on the whole, I have had the urge to turn her into a winter coat a few times … usually at 1am and 3am when I’m answering her pleas to be let outside.  The occasional night isn’t too bad, but I had a moment there when it was 4 nights in a row, and I was feeling severely deathly because of it.  Luckily the late night shifts have been perfect, because she goes outside as soon as I get home, and today I even got a sleep-in until just after 8am … 6 1/2 hours straight sleep … sheer bliss!!  The fleas still seem to be a problem, but not quite as bad … I have managed to track down and drown 3 of the little b*ggers over the last couple of days though hmmm.  Mind you, today she woke me up again at 7am, after 5 hours sleep, and I feel dreadful … I started losing my voice at work last night and getting bunged up, so I fear I have picked up a head cold … Muffy just decided it was time I should be up, and didn’t want to go outside at all … I nearly strung her up from the nearest fence!

I went to meet the menagerie of pets at the next housesitting job on Sunday night, and it’s going to be ‘interesting’ to say the least haha.  Two dogs, two cats, two birds, and an aquarium of fish, all of which have various eating routines etc – but afterwards I can relax in the spa with a glass of wine, and watch Foxtel movies … I’ve told them I may change the locks and never leave! LOL.

Anyway, I’ll finish with a photo of a gift I received at work yesterday from groups organiser (this was for customer service over and above the call of duty for some VIP customers returning home … you can make up your own mind as to who) – I laughed at the card that came with it … that I’m allowed to hide it away when the Bledisloe Cup is on … but personally I think I’m going to pop an All Blacks beanie and scarf on old Wally and sit him on my desk – a perfect blending of my ‘two down under cultures’ 😛


13 thoughts on “There will be no hope for me in Sydney!”

  1. Hi Anne, Don’t hesitate to let me know if you get stuck for short term accomodation, I woulnd’t mind helping if you get stuck.

  2. WOW all those shops to browse through. I can see your credit card smoking already. Snapperville is looking great, I can see how you couldn’t resist those ducks, they are cute.

  3. Whew, that was a post! 😉

    If I knew anyone who lived over there, I’d give ’em your name and a shining reference! 😀 But it sounds like you have some good possibilities going. What a p*sser that your manager won’t give you the requested time off, especially given the circumstances and your ever-helpful efforts in the past. I can imagine it would be a relief to be out of a situation where the office politics are like that.

    Your duckies are adorable – great travelling companions, and all around cuties. 🙂

    Hoping your last bit of time with Muffy the Flea-Ridden Insomniac pass as well as possible and that you do not arrive at your new home wearing a fur coat. ;0

  4. Aah – Pascoe Vale South – know it well – went to school in Glenroy (Sancta Sophia) – I lived all over the place down there!

    I’m sorry that your leave wasn’t approved. What a bummer!

  5. That list of shops looks familiar, my stomping grounds 😀
    I’ll tell you what I think of them..

    Tapestry Craft – Is quite cool, but in the city, therefore a pain to get to. They have so many models 😀 It’s not as big as it looks. The whole of downstairs is wool for knitting and so on.

    Dragonfly Dreams – DEFINITELY worth the trip. I only went for the first time a month ago, but LOVED it, and can’t wait to get back up there.

    Crewel Gobelin – Well, since you’ve been there, you know how much fun this place is.

    Mosman Needlecraft – Never been there myself…

    Craft Depot – Is on the same street as my house… i can walk there in 2 minutes. They do have tons of quilting fabrics, but as for cross stitch, you’d almost do better in spotlight *shudder* And the ladies there are SO rude… but anywhoo, I only go there to buy emergency DMC.

    There are a couple more worth mentioning
    Stitchabout ( – Terrible website, but they have a very big selection of charts that I’ve only seen on american websites, and Helen will get hold of anything for you. It’s in Castle Hill which is close to me, so it’s my local.

    and Victoria House – It’s about 2 hours from Sydney, but also well worth the visit. It’s probably my favourite of the bunch. A whole house full of cross stitch? Amazing 🙂

    Oooh, you are going to have fun! I would love to go with you up to the blueys to Dragonfly Dreams, it’s a perfect day trip 🙂

  6. Lots of absorb in this post Anne! lol! Sounds like Sydney is going to be quite an adventure. Just be sure to take us all along for the ride. 😀

  7. Nope, I don’t think you’ll be lacking stash shops! Hey, maybe if you run out of all other options, you can take turns sleeping at the LNSs 🙂

  8. I love that ‘Angel’ Duck!! I collect also (bud) ducks. We haven’t that one in the Netherlands :S. I will also say you have a nice site to see 🙂

    greets Diandra

  9. That’s an awesome Angel duck! Do you know if you can find it anywhere? I keep looking and have no luck.

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