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The countdown is on …

All going well, and I get some annual leave approved by work (assuming I can get 3 shifts swapped from 6am starts to 9am or 10am ones, that is), I’ll be hitting the road to Sydney two weeks on Wednesday (straight after Melbourne Cup day).  That is also assuming that Gail is still OK to come home and relieve me from housesitting duties early as well, of course …

I’m really struggling to find the time to catch up with everyone that I know in Melbourne in the short time I have left – even though I know only a handful of people, I only have a handful of days where I’m not working 4pm or 3pm shifts, meaning only a few days left to catch up.  If I had my own home, I’d offer an ‘open day’ at home for a day where anyone can come visit, but the only weekend I have free is when I’m moving between housesitting jobs, and it’s just not an option – so instead I’ll be driving to and fro to the opposite ends of the city on a regular basis until I leave.

I was hoping to catch Tannia singing last night, but ended up chatting on the phone for ages to Brenda in Sydney – but the great thing is that Brenda and Nigel are happy to put me up for a couple of weeks while I’m looking for new, and more permanent, lodgings.  There’s probably not much point organising anything else before I arrive – although I’ll be scouring the local papers for flats in the Mascot area pretty quickly on arrival 🙂

My threads finally arrived today from Dragonfly Dreams, although they were sent some time ago – Australia Post can be quite spectacularly slow for local deliveries, which is annoying.  Anyway, it means I can now probably finish off It’s Halloween this week – yay!  Yesterday, during the day, I started – and finished – one more block of Snapperville, and started another block.  I guess that means I’m approximately half-way through the stitching of that one now … double yay!! 😀

This coming week is probably the last chance I’ll get to put some stitches in before hitting the road … it’ll be interesting to see how regular working hours will affect my stitching time – the good thing about shift work sometimes is the plentitude of peace and quiet for stitching … hmmm.

Anyway, no piccies tonight ‘cos I’m too lazy to take one of Snapperville – and I’m supposed to be heading out to a ‘wedding reception’ party of one of our gay guys at work.  Kevin and Peter got married in Vancouver a few months ago, but only a few people were able to attend the ceremony, so they’ve organised a local shin-dig for us all tonight instead … to be absolutely honest I’d rather be curling up in bed early thanks to the Muffster giving me wake-up calls every night for the last 4 nights (twice in one night!) – thanks to having very broken sleep … it’s soooo hard to get back to sleep properly after being woken up at 1am or 3am! … I’m pretty shattered and so “not” in party mode.  Anyway, I’m going to jump in the shower and see if I can wake myself up a bit – it’s also awkward using public transport out in this part of town, as I don’t really know where I am, but I suppose I should at least make an effort … after all, this is probably the final shin-dig with work colleagues in Melbourne! …

I’ll close by saying it was fun seeing my Photo Hunt today … I loaded all those posts up so long ago now, even I get a surprise each week with the choices LOL 😉

8 thoughts on “The countdown is on …”

  1. You should throw a farewell lunch/dinner for yourself, and invite everyone you know. That way, you don’t have a to have an open house!

    Enjoy your remaining time in Melbourne!

  2. Anne,
    If you are wondering what happened to your little parcel that I am sending, well. Canada Post sent it back to me for more postage…Gee, and I took it to the Post Office in the first place to set the rate…it is not like I just slapped on stamps and crossed my fingers!!! Anyway, the people who work in our local post office are not the brightest bulbs in the sign… regardless, I added the additional postage today and sent it on its merry way AGAIN and sooner or later, hopefully before you move to Sydney, it will arrive!!!!


  3. Wow, so much stuff left to do! I’m so excited for you, though, and hope you are, too! Well, you definitely sound like it 🙂

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