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KarenV and an interview

Just a quick note to say “I have an interview next Friday” … yikes!!  I’m actually on days off Tue-Thu, but they said to me not to do it on my days off, they would pay for my airline ticket to fly up to Sydney on Friday and back again straight afterwards.  I think there are only two other candidates, but I could be wrong … anyway I have a week to have a nervous breakdown before the big day – because I’m TRULY dreadful at interviews (dunno why, but my brain just goes dead the minute I walk though the door to the interview room hmmm) 😉

The other thing I wanted to mention very briefly, is the situation with my good friend KarenV.  Some of you have noticed recently that Karen has removed her blog – I just wanted to put peoples minds at rest, and stop anyone worrying, as I’ve been chatting to Karen and she’s doing just fine, but is taking a sabbatical from blogging for a wee while.

As for my stitching … this may actually become a stitching blog again soon over the next few days haha … I have a day off work tomorrow, and I thought I’d settle in for the day with Season 1 of NCIS on DVD and the dratted Winnie the Pooh bookmark and get it finished … with any luck I’ll also have a “good” stitching day, which will mean getting a start on Nicki’s Quaker RR piece, so I can get it sent off to Katrina on mailing day.

Then on Saturday I’m starting 5am shifts for 3 days (yucky!) – but I’m playing chauffeur to a couple of ladies on Saturday straight after work.  I read on the EGA chat list that they wanted info on Melbourne stitching hot spots to see in one day, and I’ve offered to pick them up to drive them between venues so they can cram as much in as possible.  Hopefully all works out OK and we can do a spot of stash enhancement for them 😉

Rightio, time to head off and heat something up for dinner – I’ve arrived at my new housesitting job tonight, and Jan and family have just left for the airport … I don’t know what to do with myself, being home in ‘normal’ hours and being able to watch prime time TV – I haven’t been able to do that for over a month, it’s sheer bliss!!!  I got given a crash course in using the flash coffee machine, so I might have to go and christen it soon haha.  I’ve also been told I have to live out of Jan’s cupboards instead of buying food … and Jan is an exceptional gourmet, I may never leave!! haha.  Talking of which, I’d better go heat something up and bring my stitching in out of the boot so I can kick back and relax for the rest of the night 🙂

Hopefully tomorrow there will be a stitching piccie of some sort …

25 thoughts on “KarenV and an interview”

  1. Good luck with your interview, Anne! And thanks for the note about Karen. I’m so happy to hear she is doing all right.

  2. Hmmm. Housesitting sounds kind of swanky – I might try it 🙂 Good to know about Karen, thanks for updating us.

    Best of luck for the big interview. Perhaps you could get some hypnosis or something to help with relaxation techniques?

  3. Good luck with your interview Anne. It sounds as though it would a perfect move for you at the moment. We always welcome more fantastic stitchers to move here to Sydney.

  4. Wow, an interview already! That’s wonderful-I think you will be fine. When I go to interviews like that, I try to relax because it’s not as if you don’t already have a job! Glad to hear Karen V. is okay!

  5. Hey Anne! I’m spending tonight catching up with all my favourite blogs, and I am delighted to see your link on the Embroiderer’s Guild Vic. website – YAAAYY! Good luck with the job interview; I don’t know why you aren’t confident about it; you have a beaut personality that shines through to everyone you meet either in person or on your blog.

  6. Good luck with the interview, Anne! That’s great news.

    I sent an e-mail to Karen when I noticed her blog was gone – I know of the need for a break from blogging, and was happy when she responded to my e-mail. I hope she’ll come back to blogging – I loved all her finishes!

  7. Congrats on getting the interview. I just know that you are going to get the position. You’re a star, remember? 🙂

  8. Thanks for the info on Karen. I had sent her an email, but got no response. Good luck on the interview – we’re cheering for you!

  9. Congratulations on getting the interview and good luck! Have a browse around the net and see if you can find any tips for the parts of the process you aren’t confident with. It’s OK to say “I don’t know”. Sometimes they want to hear that.

  10. Great news about the interview! Just be confident. I’ve met you – you’re lovely – what do you have to worry about! 😀

  11. Best of luck with your interview…I’ll be crossing all of my fingers and toes for you! Just remember the STAR thing…if you have some responses thought out ahead of time, you’ll be able to hit a home run on anything they could possibly ask you 🙂

  12. Best of luck at your interview Anne–I am so excited for you!!! 😀 Thanks so much for the update about KarenV. I visit her blog almost daily and have been wondering if she is okay.

  13. Oh Anne, how exciting. I wish you the best for your interview. Just try not to feel any pressure and talk to them like they were customers or friends and the right things will come to mind for you to say! I’m happy to hear that Karen is doing well, I sure do miss her blog and lovely stitching though!
    I hope you have a fantastic evening… or did, maybe it’s already over by this time LOL. Sounds wonderful and very relaxing, which is always a good thing!

  14. Now this housesitting sounds like a dream!! Free food!!

    Anyway – the interview – it is as much about them as it is about you. Should you not like them, ‘cheers, mate’, and vice versa. It is not a test, just communication of ideas and view points.

    Don’t be nervous, they are nervous too, they don’t know what to expect either.

    How would you meet me? Hi, and then ask question to break the ice. Same with interviewers. I always ask to see the work place towards the end of the interview. That usually confuses them a bit, you don’t want to work in a dungeon, so you can turn down the job right away, and plus you can give input on office situations that occur to you as you walk around.

    Sheesh – sounds like I should be the “Ask Aunty Betty ” Columist – ha ha!

    Good luck and calm down. xxxx

  15. I hope your interview went well! I’m currently looking for a job so I know what you mean about the interviews. I get anxious too! I hope this turns out to be a great opportunity for you.

  16. Good luck!
    And thanks for updating on Karen V. I e-mailed her when her blog went missing, but didn’t get a reply and was starting to get worried. Next time you hear from mer, tell her I miss her and that I say hi 🙂

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