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Crikey, I’ve gone and done it now!!!

Today I got my ‘big boss’ to sign off on my application form, and I faxed it along with my CV and cover letter and applied for the job in Sydney … OMG, now I’m starting to freak out!!  If I have to interview for the job I’d better start applying for more housesitting jobs in Melbourne, ‘cos I’m useless at them … but if by any freak event they just decide I’m the best candidate and offer it to me outright, I’m all set haha.  Apparently they had two other applications received by the deadline, but they were considering extending the timeframe a bit longer – which to me means they weren’t too thrilled with the candidates concerned for whatever reason.  Also, apparently, the boss in Sydney was speaking to one of our Supervisors asking why no-one from Melbourne had applied for the job, which is quite interesting – it seems that Melbourne Hotline have got the best reputation across all three call centres for knowledge and expertise etc (and some staff members will actually call us directly because they don’t want to speak to the other sites hmmm).  Anyway, all-in-all, the boss in Sydney is going to try to let me know an update by the end of this week, or on Monday next week – whether that means an interview time, or something else, I’ll just have to wait and see.

The awful thing is that this has all been so rushed, and with the hours I’m working and the time difference, I haven’t even had chance to discuss any of this with Mum – she’s read all about this new adventure at the same time as everyone else!  Sorry Mum!!

Of course, all I could think of on the drive home tonight was that I’d have to start making a list of all the things I’d need to take with me in the car, if I moved to Sydney for the year … forget about bedding, and all those important and critical things, the list that was being created in my mind was all the stitching goodies haha.  Even though I’m not stitching much at the moment, it’s still at the forefront of my mind! LOL.  I’ll only be taking with me pretty much what I’ve been housesitting with -the storage unit is too well packed to get much of it out, although my computer printer and stitching stash, along with sewing machine, are nicely accessible and definitely compulsory packing items.  I think I’ll also be trying hard to reach back into the unit to get my hands on my floor model Ott-Lite.  Anyway, I might be counting my chickens before they’re hatched, so I shouldn’t start getting my hopes up …

On to a totally different story … here are some of the photos I took yesterday at the Australian Garden display – there are a couple of ‘overall garden’ photos, as well as some close-ups of some of the Australian native plants that Iliked. 





Abbey, from NCIS, would love these plants – lovely black flowers!! 😉

“Matted bush-pea”


“Tiny Thomasia”

Native orchids




I love this display, it’s quite artistic and funky … I DON’T like those webby things, though! 😛


And it’s amazing what you can find among the flowers when you have your head down

And on that note, I’ll call it a night … 🙂

22 thoughts on “Crikey, I’ve gone and done it now!!!”

  1. Very exciting news, Anne – fingers crossed that things will work out perfectly for you!!

    The gardening pictures are fascinating. I love to go to big gardening things here, and the differences are just astounding. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh wow Anne! Fingers crossed for you 🙂

    Those photos are gorgeous. Love the red soil – so Australian – and the flowers are beautiful! Like the NCIS reference 🙂

  3. Lovely pictures! I love that first one – it looks so interesting. And of course the first thing you should think of packing is your stash. It’s totally normal. Really 😉

  4. Fingers crossed for a great outcome on the job Anne. I will be checking in at the end of the week to see where it is all at.

    Loved the gardens you went to visit, the colours of those plants are just beautiful.

  5. I have been keeping up with your adventures Anne – I had better get a wriggle on and arrange a time to meet up otherwise I mighten see you for some time – but then again i could always fly up to Sydney to meet you – now that is a delicious idea!!!!! OK sweetheart speak to you soon – I am fully booked up this weekend but what about in the next couple of weeks how are you situated???

  6. Hope all goes well with your job interview.

    I’m yet to see that garden even though it is “just around the corner”. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  7. I’ll be waiting on tenderhooks till we hear the results on the Sydney job!!

    You’ve taken some outstanding pics of the garden, Anne!! Really gorgeous! 😀

  8. We must arrange a GTG if you get that job. I can introduce you to Junette’s other axe-murderer friends! Plus I’d love to meet you too, of course. Good luck!

  9. Wow, things move fast in Anne’s life!!

    Remember in the interview think of what they want to hear – and give it to them, that is my tip of the week!

    Packing: first pack up a basket (a collapsable crate size – do you get those?), with all the projects you want to do whilst you are in Sydney. All kitted of course, that will leave a large amount of car available for other stuff – the non necessities!!

    I love your clear photos, they are very good.

    We have some of that red soil here. We have mixed soil, some places it is dark, and others red, or tan.

    Good luck on the job!

  10. It’s all sounding promising! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you……but by the sounds of things, you won’t need any help, lol.. Good luck!

  11. The photos are beautiful! I was wondering if you could tell me where I could get the bars showing what percentage of a project you’ve completed. I have looked all over and even tried to make some but they didn’t turn out so well. If you have the time, you could shoot me an email at diverpig@cox.net. Thanks! Theresa

  12. Best of luck for the job, it sounds quite exciting, and I think Sydney would be fun for a year or so. I hope they would pay something towards your moving expenses? I agree with Coral, pack the stitching first!

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