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Canvaswork lovers beware!!

Orna Willis has got a new class happening next weekend – and the chart is (in my eyes) to DIE FOR!!!  Here’s the two colourways for “Royal”, and I have to say I’m totally in LOVE with the turquoise and green version … oh man, I never should have got wireless internet, it was so much better to remain in ignorant bliss for a short while hahahaha.  And there’s a 15% off sale for it right now … gulp!  Even the kit isn’t a bad price at $65 on sale, as it normally costs an arm and a leg to kit one of these babies up from scratch (I know that from experience!).  Anyway, I just thought I’d share … 😉

royal-orna willis

As for my little stitching dilemma, thanks for all your input so far – I’ve found the solution … I’ll just have to stitch them all!!! LOL.  I have to admit I’ve had a MAJOR hankering to start stitching Snapperville for weeks now, and I’ve not let myself start it until I finished the dreaded plastic canvas piece, so I think that just might take precedence.  Thanks again to Cathy for sending me this project – every time I think of this project I think of you and your kindness, and always will.  The second good thing about stitching this one quickly is that it will then be going on to a new home to Barbara to stitch – Cathy offered the pack to anyone who wanted it, and both Barbara and I put our hands up … I was the lucky one to be drawn out of the hat, but I promised Barbara as soon as I stitched it, I would send her all the designs so we could both share in Cathy’s generosity 😀

I would, however, also love to get the Halloween project stitched this month, purely due to the time of the year and Halloween coming up quickly, so I thought I might do a couple of Snapperville squares, then switch to the Halloween piece, then back to Snapperville again … OR I could actually start that mini-rotation that I was thinking of doing … 10 hours on Snapperville, then 10 on It’s Halloween, then 10 on Autumn Arbor, then 10 on Sea Life … oooooh, so many choices hahaha.  These days I think it’s fantastic if I just put 10 STITCHES into a piece during one week, never mind 10 hours!! 😛

I’ll definitely have a think about a SAL with you for Sea Life, Susan, but I have to admit I’m not a very good SAL partner with my shifts etc – and probably worse now that I don’t have a permanent home anymore, it’s definitely making a huge impact on how much stitching (if any) I get done in a week.  It would be nice to stitch it at the same as someone else though (in fact it was seeing it on your blog that gave me the urge to pick it up out of storage and start stitching away on it!!).

Talking of which, time to start working out which items from my boot I’m going to leave here until Thursday – I thought I’d just leave everything here apart from an ‘overnight bag’ or two with my work clothes and toilet bag etc for the next 4 nights – seems dopey emptying the whole boot out then packing up again in 4 days time … I’m here for 3 full weeks from Thursday so it makes sense to just leave things here.  I might take Snapperville with me, though, ‘just in case’ I get the urge to stitch at Ali’s (although I don’t seem to feel comfortable stitching there, I don’t know why …).  Then I might sit and stitch for an hour or so before I have to leave for work – tomorrow is my day off this week, and I can’t wait (hence the perfect timing to catch up with Lisa for lunch etc).  I brought a DVD with me to watch (Eragon), so I just ‘might’ have chance to sit and watch the whole thing before I have to leave (3pm shift for me today, so a nice lazy start to the day).

5 thoughts on “Canvaswork lovers beware!!”

  1. With your shifts, Anne, and your home situation I totally understand about not committing to a SAL, but you’ve spurred me to stitch something from that chart. Of course, I have to finish the two pieces that I’ve got on hand right now, so it might have to wait until next week for me to start, but when I do, I’ll post a picture for you, as an incentive for you to stitch something from the chart!

  2. You are a terrible temptress! I’m on a No Stash diet and here you are tempting me with a Orna Willis kit on sale. I have her Cedars of Lebanon pattern, but I have not stitched it. The only thing saving me is that I really want to stitch Maya (LOVE those colors), but it is not on sale. I guess I can resist. 😉

  3. wow royal is beautiful! I think i like it in the pink color which is odd since i’m not really a fan o pink (i know my blog is pink but i liked it lol)

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