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Um … stitching blog?

I remember the good ole days when I was posting some stitching progress or finish every few days … it seems so very very long ago LOL.  These days there is very little stitching activity happening … and very sporadic posting too!  I must admit, though, since having my wireless access I’ve been doing a bit more blog reading than I have in the past … and … shock … horror … even the odd comment or two over the last 24 hours from me on a few blogs!! 😛

It’s going to take me forever to catch up, but having the wireless access means I can sit with the laptop on my knee in front of the TV and read to my hearts content in comfort (well, as much as my monthly allowance will allow anyway!).  Tonight I’m sharing the sofa and heater with an old pooch.  I have to admit I was a bit stressed about housesitting for a ‘bigger’ dog, but Muffy is a big old softie – I just adore doggies (even more than kitties), so it’s wonderful having some pooch company.  Here’s a photo of Muffy laying on her ‘bed’ 🙂


Lisa eventually got home from Sydney, and we’re catching up on Monday so I can hand back the house keys … and she’s taking me out to lunch to say thanks for housesitting, plus give me some gifties she bought me in London and Hong Kong – spoilt or what? 😉

As for the stitching, I haven’t touched a needle for a few days – so the bookmark is nowhere near getting finished.  This is as far as I’ve managed to get … quite pitiful really! LOL.


As for my planned new start – the biggest struggle I have is working out which one to start first … I’m tempted to start a mini-rotation of three projects, but seeing how little time I have for stitching these days, maybe that wouldn’t be worthwhile.  Here are the main projects I’m trying to choose between … all are screaming REALLY loudly to be started … the question is “who will scream the loudest?” 😉

I’d offer a poll to see if you can help me decide, but WP won’t allow polls on their blogs (one of the few downsides to WP in my eyes) … I’m only here tonight (2 nights in total this visit), then back to Seaford, and I don’t feel comfortable stitching there, so I’ll probably be reading for the next 4 nights instead … we’ll just have to wait and see which project pops out of the project bag next week!  Heres the list of prime candidates so far (although, I reserve the right to add and subtract on a whim LOL) … I haven’t included the Friendship Quaker RR, as that’s a commitment I need to do, not a new project choice:

Bent Creek’s Snapperville
(photo taken from a fellow stitcher’s album)
Bent Creek Snapperville

The Drawn Thread’s Autumn Arbor

Shepherd’s Bush Bee Scissor Fob

The Drawn Thread’s It’s Halloween

Lanarte’s Sea Life
(not actually this sampler, but a set of 4 designs using a lot of these elements plus a few more)
lanarte sea life

As for the Sydney job … it turns out I sent an email one day late – it closed for applications 27 Sep … BUT, they’ve said they’d be willing to extend the date and accept my application if I’m serious about applying (not sure what to read into that one hmmm – either they have few candidates that have applied and they’re desperate, or they think I’m a good candidate LOL). I’ll make a call on Tuesday and find out more about the details (starting date and pay etc). While it’s not exactly what I want to do, it’s an insight into higher roles that would be worth putting up with it for 12 months … maybe 😉

Rightio, time to start thinking about getting off to bed … after letting Muffy out for her evening garden walk and bladder relief 😉

8 thoughts on “Um … stitching blog?”

  1. All of the projects you have listed look good to me! I fancy the snappers tho’ …. they always look so good finished up…but then that summer arbor looks pretty great….and you can’t beat shepherd’s bush for a feel good finish….and the halloween project is super and it’s that time of year 😉 and the lanarte sea life is really nicely done as well……see….I’m no help at all am I ?! LOL!

  2. Well obviously they think you’re an excellent candidate, Anne!

    I kind of echo Vonna’s response regarding what to start next. SB will give you a great feeling for a finish, and BC is always great fun without being too demanding. I love the DT arbor series. Good luck making up your mind!

  3. I’d pick the snapperville and the Arbor. I’m stitching the winter arbor myself and they are fun and gorgeous.

  4. I’ll go against everyone else again lol. I like the Halloween one, and it’s the perfect time of year to start it too!

  5. the dog isss sooo cute! kinda forgot for a minute they scare me lol

    If you had a poll my bote goes to Bent creek Snapperville =)

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