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Small finish and lovely visit

Just a really quick post to show my latest small finish – I’m thinking of picking up a bigger project next, so it may be a while before there’s another finish … as well as the fact that I’ll be losing my internet connection again in a few days time.  I’ve just spent a couple of hours uploading piccies for the next couple of months for the Photo Hunts, for that exact reason – I’m not sure when I’ll be up and running for the internet again, and uploading and downloading is a tad harder at an internet cafe than it is at home … anyway, if you don’t see me online for a while soon, you’ll at least see one post a week, as I’ve uploaded posts for the Photo Hunt right up until 3 November – I know I’ve said it before, but I seriously LOVE that functionality of WordPress!!

Anyway, onto the piccie – here is my latest finish:

christmas bellpull 1

Miniature Bellpull Ornament by The Drawn Thread
from 1999 JCS Christmas ornie magazine or 10th Anniversary issue (which is where I got mine from – the 1999 JCS ornie mag is the only one I don’t own … {pout})
Stitched on 36ct summer khaki Edinborough linen
using DMC and Needle Necessities threads as recommended

In other news – my foot is perfectly fine … I had a lot of stiffness and pain in it on Saturday, and went to see a GP as I felt quite worried about it – but she said I hadn’t done any major damage and I still had relatively good mobility, so just to keep applying the ice packs.  Well, you’d never believe it, I woke up on Sunday and hardly had a twinge!!  It feels fantastic! 😀

The other great news from Sunday is that I caught up with Tannia and had a lovely relaxing stitching day (hence the reason my Drawn Thread ornie got finished – I just did a couple more hours when I got home and finished it up).  As always, Tannia is wonderful company, and it was great to just kick back and relax with needle in hand, and old movies on TV, without a care in the world.  There’s also a treat in store for you, Mum, next time you come over – Tannia has very kindly given me some Christmas ornie magazines for you 😀

Not much else to report apart from that … I’m now off to the lounge room to watch a couple more episodes of series 3 of Moonlighting while I put a few more stitches into another ornie, then tomorrow is “clean up” day when I start packing my things away again in preparation of moving out.  I have another week out in Seaford, then I’m looking after a place in Edithvale for 3 weeks with an elderly (and apparently well behaved – that’ll be a nice change) kitty.

 Rightio, time to get cracking again …

(Updated to add:)  Forgot to say, I finished reading Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows yesterday morning – couldn’t put it down in the end!  Even though I haven’t read any of the others yet, I have no regrets whatsoever for reading it.  It’s unlikely I’ll sit down and read the other books yet, and I wanted to read it before I knew what the ending was.  I’ve seen all the movies to date, so at least I knew all the characters and the terminology … although after seeing the movies, I have to say all the characters in the book were now ingrained in my head as the actors who played them … much less imagination needed haha.  Anyway, I have to say I loved it! 😀

13 thoughts on “Small finish and lovely visit”

  1. Wow, you have been up to a lot lately!! I am glad your foot is better!

    You have had some lovely gifts sent to you – lucky you!

    Have you looked for the magazine on ebay? You could have it as a perpetual reminder, so if one comes up ebay informs you.

    I am going to miss you not posting, I love popping over every day.

  2. Glad the foot is better, the ice and relaxation must of done the trick. 🙂 A lovely finish you have there, it’s the first time I have seen this design. Hope your relocation goes smoothly, enjoy your new companion when you get there. 🙂

  3. I really like your Christmassy finish and I’m looking forward to seeing what your big project is … any hints or is it a surprise?

    Glad you enjoyed HP. I’m looking forward to seeing what JK comes up with next.

  4. Glad your foot is better! Your bellpull is beautiful – congrats on the finish. Can’t wait to see what you decide to stitch on next.

  5. I’m glad your foot is much better! I love that ornie! I might end up buying the 10th anniversary just for that! Here’s hoping the new kitty is much less demon-possessed than the current one!

  6. Lovely finish, Anne! I’m also glad to hear that your foot is okay. I’ll be watching your blog for your photo hunter posts – I also love the ability to post date blogs in wordpress – it was one of the features that “sold me” on it.

  7. So glad your foot is better Anne!

    You are going to love your new camera! Mine is a Panasonic Lumix too and it’s become even my dh’s go-to camera because it takes such great pics and is so easy to tote. 🙂

    I hadn’t read any of the HP books until just the last couple of weeks. Of course, my kids have read all of them and we have several in our personal library. So I thought that now that the series is complete, I will begin reading them. 🙂 Last nite I finished the second book and will start the third over the weekend. They’re great fun, and even better that I can read them straight thru! 😀

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