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This week’s theme is “Happy” – my photo choices are from when we used to own a timeshare in Fiji, on one of the Mamanuca Islands … for a few years we had some immensely happy times during our visits there … it’s a shame that had to change, thanks to the thieves that stole our money and our trust. In the meantime, we still like to remember those happy times, as there will always be happy memories that overshadow everything else – and some wonderful friendships made. The bottom photo is from New Years, on the night of the Millennium … along with the gift I bought Dokko from Suva (a banjo that he really wanted). On the left is Ana (I’m called Ana in Fijian … so we call each other “tai Ana”, which means “my namesake Ana”) – she’s a real sweetheart. Whenever we visited Fiji and didn’t stay at our resort, we always tried to make a special trip out to the islands to visit Dokko and Ana, and brought gifts with us – I miss seeing them, as it’s been a number of years since we’ve been back. Yep, definitely happy days 😀

6 thoughts on “PhotoHunt – Happy”

  1. Anne, I loved catching up with what’s been going on in your life and looking at your “Happy Pix.” What a paradise that was! Also, I enjoyed looking at all your lovely gifties, and I LOVE your sampler, and the JN snowmen are just adorable!

    So sorry about your fall, This must be the season for accidents. I had one hell of a fall myself, and I’m still nursing myself after a stay in teh hospital. See my blog—you won’t believe the pic of my eye. I had just recovered from eye surgery (also in blog) and within 3 weeks, I fell right on one of my eyes! I can’t believe I didn’t lose that eye! I can commiserate with how sore you are. I have bruises everywhere, and I keep finding more. Take care, my dear friend!

  2. I am glad you are able to hang on to the happy memories without the darkness ruining them (it’s a tough thing to do). It is a wonderful spot.

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