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Update & technical help needed …

It’s a good job I preloaded all those Photo Hunt shots, or my blog would be looking quite bleak at the moment (well, bleaker than it really does anyway) … which reminds me, I must get a few more shots taken, as I only have two more week pre-loaded up!  I have been distinctly missing in action – and haven’t felt like blogging at the end of the day after travelling and making dinner.  I’ve tried reading a few blogs, but it’s incredibly hard work ploughing through so many and never seeming to get anywhere – I still have well over 1000 feeds to read, and that’s something that won’t be improving in the near future either, after I leave here.  It also doesn’t help that when I come into the ‘computer room’ I have to put up with Sean meeowing his head off and bouncing off the door trying to get in … but if I let him in he’s a typical cat and just wants to sit all over the keyboard, desk, or mouse, and throws a tantrum if you don’t give him 100% attention or if you move him out of the way …

I’m still looking at alternatives for replacing my mobile internet, after telling Unwired to shove their crappy service, but I’m not hastily jumping into anything this time but checking out options.  

“Three” have a new service where I can use my Nokia mobile as the modem (just have to work out how to download the software etc, as I’m going to need it on my laptop, and for some reason Daniel’s PC won’t let me save anything to disk), and I wouldn’t have to buy a new laptop modem (a USB one is $299 and a card is $399).  The connection speeds are much much lower (up to a maximum of 384 Kbps hmmm), but if it saves me $399 short term, it could be worth considering …  The costs are $29 for 1GB (which includes both downloads and uploads, which is a pain), $49 for 2GB or $69 for 3GB per month.  I think I need to think about this one some more, but I’m likely to settle with this option after looking at others, mainly because I wouldn’t have to buy a separate modem, and it’s like an ‘add-on’ to my current service, meaning I can cancel at any time without incurring costs.

Now this is where I need some technical help …

The great news is that I’m getting my GPS, thanks to my company giving us a bonus – yippee!  I’ve decided to upgrade from buying just a standard GPS on its own and get either the HP iPaq 5765 or 5965 which is a PDA with built-in TomTom GPS – for only a small difference in price, I get many more benefits (including not having to lug around a bulky diary everywhere with me with my phone contacts etc).  Now here’s my dilemma … I could pay $180 extra for the 5965 which has 2GB memory instead of 1GB, and it has WiFi (the cheaper one doesn’t) … would it be worth the extra money??  I’m thinking I could take it to a cafe in the city, and download my emails (it has Microsoft Office Mobile 5.0 loaded up) without having to lug my laptop around … then synchronise my emails to my laptop at the end of the day.  Would that actually work???  I’m thinking that way I could just sign up for wireless internet at the ‘basic’ level of 1GB downloads/uploads … as long as I had an alternative to downloading my emails if I ran out of downloads etc … ???  And I could just make a trip into the city and enjoy a coffee somewhere while downloading my emails – sounds like a dreadful proposition hahaha.

What else have I been up to?  Here’s a picture of the fur-babies I’ve been living with recently – first up is Alice and Hugo looking serene and peaceful in the sunlight (you’d think butter wouldn’t melt in Hugo’s mouth, would you?)

alice and hugo 1

Then there’s Sean … I’m very happy to report that Sean now follows me around the house like a shadow, and has ceased all of the hissing over the last few days – he’s back to being a very cuddly and friendly kitty who’s a pleasure to be around.  It’s a shame that he’ll probably be back to hissing after a single day of Daniel being home again (although I have to update that – he did it again last night after I moved him, and I got cranky with him and wouldn’t let him back up onto the sofa with me – he sat and sulked for a while on his chair, but I’m not going to put up with his temper tantrums, the little bugger!!) 😦

Anyway, here he is propping himself up on the sofa arm, waiting for me to come and join him in my stitching corner the other night! 😉


Talking of stitching, here are two teeny projects I’ve finally managed to get finished.  I have to admit I’m still finding stitching a major chore, and I’m not enjoying it at all – I’ve forced myself to sit for a couple of hours over three nights this last week to try to get myself back into the swing of it, but I can’t say I’ve loved it one iota.  I’m going to try to get some more done today, and get a wee Just Nan one finished (updated … it’s now finished, but piccies will have to wait).  My Sailor’s Valentine kit will be heading over my way from Perth very soon for the CA Wells class next year, so I’d better hurry up and shape up and get my mojo back again!!!  I also need to get the latest round of the Quaker Friendship Sampler RR completed (updated … it’s 2/3 done now). Anyway, here are my two teeny finishes to date:

planted hearts needleroll 1
Planted Hearts Needleroll by Lavender Wings
Stitched on 32ct waterlily Belfast linen
using recommended threads (DMC)
replaced Mill Hill treasure with another glass bead I had to hand

biscornu side 2
Side 2 of my biscornu using Debbie Draper’s design
from Gift of Stitching Magazine
stitched using Carrie’s Creation threads in Ocean Blue and Lavender
(after Jenna’s recent comment this will always be the Jenna/Anne biscornu now!!)

I also have a gift to share but I need to contact the sender first … I’ll try to update soon with the latest stitching finishes and my gifts sooner rather than later – mind you, I’m on 5am shifts this week, so it could be a good thing to keep me awake in the afternoon! 😉

18 thoughts on “Update & technical help needed …”

  1. Well, Mr. cranky looks like a cat with an attitude! I’m glad he is coming around.

    The biscornu is beautiful.

    Sorry, I can’t help with the technical problem. I wish you luck finding someone who can help.

    Glad you posted. I miss reading your blog.

  2. Your recent finishes look great Anne. I have to say that the cat you are living with at the moment looks scary if the photo is anything to go by. But even with saying that I’m glad to hear that you are getting along with him better now. Great to see you back and posting again.

  3. I’m in a bit of a stitching slump at the minute too, possibly because I have too many things started and none of them appeal to me at the minute 😆

    Lovely finishes, they’re both really pretty! The cats are cute too – glad Sean has settled down a bit.

    Did you get my email about the FOF tutorials/classes? I haven’t heard back from you on that one. If not, LMK and I’ll resend 🙂

  4. Anne dear – Bill will be able to help you with the techo stuff 🙂 Next time you come by – ask him – he loves helping damsels in distress 🙂

    Nice little finishes 🙂 and those kitties don’t look too dangerous…no…really!

  5. I don’t know enough about the techy stuff to be able to help you out there – it all sounds double dutch to me.

    Your stitching is beautiful although I’m not surprised really that you’re in a little slump after what you’ve been through this last year and all the moving. It’s enough to shatter anyone and must be a little unsettling.

    Cute kitty photos. Sean definitely does look like he has attitude but I think it’s cruel what Daniel has done to him.

  6. Sean looks like he saying – Well come on challenge me!!!! Oh LOL A what have you let yourself in for!!!!

  7. Sean is definitely the head of the household, what a look on his face! I was going to say it’s funny to call a cat Sean, but then my family have had Walter, Simon, Emma and Suzanne, so….

    Re GPS etc, our project directors have phones that do all that, I personally think it is a nuisance, as they can email from meetings to ask us about things! Everything gets synchronised later with the real email, and it can’t be too complicated, because PDs aren’t always genius-level, guess who I am thinking of. The GPS is handy, we sometimes ask them to look at a route – the Paris GPS tells you things like which metro to take and how long the journey will be.

  8. Your finished look great. Not sure about the furbabies, not a cat person myself, but Sean looks a bit sly to me! Sorry I’m no use on the technical issues.

  9. Both pieces are beautiful! Congrats on finishing them both, even without your stitching mojo. Glad things are better with Sean – you’ll get him put in his place!

  10. Oh my, those cats look like little stinkers! I love your finishes, especially the needleroll!

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