McClelland Gallery & Sculpture Park

I keep forgetting to post my piccies from my afternoon’s excursion in Frankston’s McClelland Gallery & Sculpture Park about three weeks ago (I’ve had the photos uploaded and this sitting as a draft fora  while) … I have to be honest I’m a very boring and traditional person where sculpture is concerned, and I obviously don’t have a contemporary artist’s bone in my body, ‘cos some of the stuff on display I found just plain ‘bizarre’ and definitely not ‘my’ idea of art.  But I know the saying ‘each to their own’, and some of you may like some of these pieces, so I thought I’d share.  If you are interested and want to see some more, you can check out their website via the link above, and they have a small slideshow happening on the home page covering some more of the pieces that I didn’t bother including below.

First up are a couple that I have to admit I really like (and I absolutely ADORE the large bronze male sculpture – he’s huge, and very very detailed – I just love him!):


This isn’t the best photo, with all the background clutter, but I wanted to show you the scale of him compared to my wee feathered friend in the foreground … in fact this duck must’ve realised I was a kindred spirit, as he came up onto land and followed me halfway round the lake quacking his little heart out, before he finally gave up and headed back into the water, bless him 😀

Here he is in a bit more detail

Now we move to the more ‘interesting’ exhibits – I like this one just because it stands out so much in the parkland with its bright whiteness, but still very bizarre … like a pile of huge larvae!


Ever wanted to know what to do with your old electric frying pan lids? Well, now you know …

I’m sorry, but this one just reminds me of someone’s intestines on display …


And this is just plain “what the?” to me … barbed wire shaped into a square … sorry, but it just does nothing for me (my apologies to the artist concerned)


In any case it’s a nice park to walk around – although there are warning signs for summer saying to be wary of snakes, so I guess I’ll never get Mum in there to look around (I have to admit, I was freaked out enough on my own seeing that sign even in the middle of winter!!).


I’ll finish with one more piece that I DO like … there are three pieces that are more along the line of the Greek sculptures … much more down my alley!! Here’s just one of them for you 😉


A more ‘general’ update on what’s happening around here will follow some time over the weekend … I’m not really in a blogging mood (and haven’t been for the last few weeks), but I’ll try to get something together over the next few days …

8 thoughts on “McClelland Gallery & Sculpture Park”

  1. Thanks for sharing Anne, sculptor is not really my thing either. There is a similar place in the Dandenongs, I am sorry that I cannot remember the name for you, but for memory I think the artist was/is Aboriginal, forgive me my forgetfulness.

  2. Some of those are great but others makes you wonder what on earth the artist was high on at the time. Yeah, I agree – it’s definitely a wire square. I wonder how much one of those sells for cos I could do that lol

  3. Very interesting; I hear you on the “What the???” feeling with some “art”. I guess to each their own, but still…

  4. I was quickly scrolling through the pictures and the “intestines” picture came up and I though man is that somebody’s intestines? Then as I was reading you said the same thing! LOL! 😀
    How funny it is the first thing I thought of too!
    I love the bronze man, That’s the pose I strike when the frogs come…it’s like he’s saying “NO, not again! Why me?!”

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