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This week’s theme is “Creative” – for me my creative pursuits are mainly (if not purely) within the realm of needlework, and within that realm I feel my stumpwork pieces are the most creative for me. These two pieces are some of the first I ever did (and the rest of my collection are still sitting in UFO status … much to Elisabeth’s disgust LOL). I think one of my overall favourite pieces is the sweetpea (I especially adore the little tendrils and beaded pea pods), but I have to admit the Elizabethan roundell is still pretty special (even though I can see the faults pretty easily, as this was one of my first ever pieces stitched).

14 thoughts on “PhotoHunt – Creative”

  1. Oooh, your stumpwork pieces are amazing! It’s probably best I don’t see them in person, because I would want to touch them, they look so cool and 3-D. Beautiful!

  2. Goodness me :))) You are so talented Anne this is stunning work even with your annouced mistakes, I love the look of stumpwork but as yet have never had a go although I do love traditional embroidery. You must feel so proud of these, I’m off for another look :)))

    Have a great weekend!

  3. They are both absolutely stunning, Anne! I have talked about doing stumpwork for years now, but have never committed to it. After seeing your pieces, I might have to give it a go!

  4. Wow Anne, they look gorgeous! I really love the pea one. You’ve gone one better than me – all I have is the book – so don’t be ashamed of those UFOs. These are beautiful 🙂

  5. You are such an artist that it takes my breath away. I used to embroider all types of things but my hands and eyes are so bad now that I can’t.

  6. Oh, yes, absolutely lovely.

    I have done two too, I must post them, and guess what? My fave of the two is my sweet pea too. I started thinking you had done the other one the same as me too!

    Yup, I must post them too. I am very proud of my stumpwork as well.

  7. Posted, what do you think? Please answer on my blog, our Telkom has ‘lost’ our email domain, so email is not working!

  8. Anne, I just think these two are gorgeous. Stumpwork is truly one of the tips of the pyramids in stitching as far as I’m concerned. You have really shown some excellence in handwork with these. Love them!

  9. I just love both of these pieces! I am amazed by your prowess. I took a class on stumpwork with Lorri Birmingham at CATS last year and your work is painstakingly beautiful!

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