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RAK Registry and technology

Just a really quick post to say I think I’ve finally fixed the display issues on the blog.  I finally reached the WP support guys again, and I’ve had to change the template to allow all the pages to display on the screen (this was only a recent problem I noticed) – I’ve also had to combine pairs of letters so I can allow the I and M pages to display.  Anyway, hopefully everything is now ticking along nicely again, and I can get back to keeping it updated more regularly.  I almost thought I was going to have to revert to Blogger again yikes …

Technology at home is slooooowly getting sorted.  I’ve had email woes ever since I’ve bought the new laptop (still haven’t managed to copy over my old emails yet, but I haven’t quite given up hope … I’m making one more attempt this weekend before I throw in the towel).  Yesterday I went out and bought a Microsoft Office 2007 package … and bless their hearts at Dick Smith Electronics, I was able to buy the Academic upgrade version – a saving of almost $400 woohoo!! 😀

Anyway, at 3am I got home from work and loaded everything up, but Outlook still wouldn’t load up (my trial version I got with the laptop wouldn’t either, but I thought the full bought version would fix all my ills) … well finally I’ve just sat for almost 2 hours fixing up the settings, and I’ve managed to get to get it up and running and the accounts set up etc … that’s a HUGE achievement and cause for celebration, ‘cos I have to admit I’ve been giving the PC a wide berth overall as I’ve been sick of it not working.  The Windows Calendar would never work for me either (none of the reminders ever worked, and I got an error message every time I opened up the program) … but today I worked out how to import my calendar over into Outlook, so fingers crossed that will resolve itself shortly as well 😀

The one thing that didn’t copy across as well was all my contacts – after taking all the time to set them all up again into Windows Mail, it hasn’t quite come through with all the info intact, so that’s another day in the future re-setting up the missing ‘bits’ (thankfully it’s not too much that’s missing), and I can set up my email group again for the RAK Registry (that way I can send any admin emails to everyone in one hit without having to select every single member from my contacts list … soooo much easier, and oh boy did I miss that in Windows Mail).

Work has been really really busy – thanks to security threats at Heathrow, I got in 4 hours overtime from 11pm-3am on Tuesday, and I’ve been thriving on the curly issues that have been thrown at me in the wee small hours of my shift.  I’ve been enjoying chatting to Moscow and Frankfurt airport managers trying to resolve an issue (geez, I wish I could tell you all THAT story, it’s a doozie … and it kept us highly entertained for the last two nights haha).  The flow-on effects of Heathrow are still keeping us on our toes days later … it’s making the shift going very very fast, although it’s meant not a single stitch has been put into my stitching.  Fingers crossed tonight is a bit quieter, and I get chance to put a few stitches in – that’s the only benefit in my eyes of the 6pm or 9pm shifts, they’re the only ones I can pull my stitching out occasionally.

I’ll leave you with a teaser … I received some incredible mail today but I’ve been laying in bed all morning trying to fix my technical problems, and I’ve just remembered it (that’s what happens when you get in at 3am!) … I don’t have time to take a photo, as I need to get cracking for work (I think I may be running a bit late now too, oops) – and I didn’t get chance to email the senders last night at work, so once I’ve done that, I’ll try to remember to post a piccie tomorrow some time.  But I have to say “it’s awesome!!” 😀

(Also, sorry if there are any spelling/grammatical errors, as I don’t have time to check it … gotta run sorry!)

5 thoughts on “RAK Registry and technology”

  1. I hadn’t thought of the “benefit” of getting overtime from the whole weird/scary/unexpected situation in the UK … I am glad you were able to get in some extra hours, though. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed you’ll be able to put in some stitches very soon. 🙂

    Thanks for all your efforts to keep the RAK registry looking good and operating smoothly!!

  2. I am ever so happy at how chipper and happy you are sounding of late Anne 🙂
    Plus thanks for all the work you’re putting in to the RAK registry, how great that we all can have a place to go to get information and all because of you 🙂
    Hope you get some quiet soon at work so you can stitch a wee bit!

  3. We saw Dad off back to Adelaide today and we could instantly see the effect of the “Heathrow” incident.
    I’m glad you finally got outlook going again!

  4. Anne!! It’s never a dull moment with you, my friend! Heathrow and all…how are you attracting all of this into your life circle, may I ask?! No wonder there’s no time to put a stitch in sideways! If only I could be a little bird perched on your desk somedays…

  5. Hi Anne
    I didn’t realise you were ‘here’ – I just assumed (I know one should never assume anything) that you are in the States because the RAK Registry is such an awesome idea. Anyway things seem to have quietened down here again but apparently we are the No. 1 target now (wish I could find the hash key on this machine – anyone know about Macs???). I do hope you got my email with my information for the RAK Registry but if you didn’t just email me again at patreeshal@gmail.com. Lastly I just wanted to tell you how awesome I think your blog is with all the different categories. I just love it and will be visiting often I can tell you. So bye for now

    Patti the displaced Yank xxx

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