PhotoHunt – Sweet


This week’s theme is “Sweet” – this forced me to wander down to the Acland Street bakeries with camera in hand … a good reason to be leaving Elwood, is to be outside walking distance of these delicacies – I was amazed to get a decent shot of the window displays, as there are always loads of people in the street drooling over the contents (and yes, I’m usually one of them! – although it’s pretty rare for me to actually buy any) 😉

10 thoughts on “PhotoHunt – Sweet”

  1. Now you’re making me home sick for St. Kilda – I used to live on Fitzroy Street, so Acland street was really close (as you know). Funny, I hardly ever went there, but now would love a store like that nearby!

  2. I’ll have one of those, and those, mmm that looks nice I’ll have that also, and that one over there, no not that one the one with chocolate. I must stop dreaming.

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