Cross Stitch, Round Robins

Halfway there …

What’s halfway there??  Why, the Friendship Quaker Round Robin, that’s what! 😀

I put the final stitches into KarenV’s RR piece tonight, and I have to say it looks just gorgeous in real life!  Stitched on 40ct linen, it’s given the old eyes a run for their money, but it looks exquisite and dainty (mine looks really chunky and clumsy in comparison).  I just love how each of our pieces looks so different, and I’ve enjoyed stitching on each and every one 😀 

The parts I’ve stitched this time round are the three larger motifs in the top right-hand corner, plus the tiny wee crown and of course my initials.  I think the next round will see the bottom right-hand corner being stitched.


Nothing else to report tonight – I’m not really in a chatty mood, as it’s been a pretty tiring few days at work, and it’s almost midnight now, so I really need to get some shut-eye.  Only two more days, though, and I will have survived my 7-day working week and I have the weekend off yippee … nearly there now 😉

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  1. Beautiful stitching, Anne! I’m working on Katrina’s as I type this. (Actually, it’s right next to me – I can’t quite manage typing and stitching simultaneously…)

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