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Short post about ‘nothing’

This really is just a very very short post … I just felt like sharing how wonderful I’ve been feeling this week 🙂  On the whole I feel as though I’ve got more energy than I’ve had for quite some time (possibly to do with the fun I’ve been having kitting up stitching projects, but probably more to do with the fact I’ve been living in a stable home environment without stress for a couple of weeks now!) 😀

At work I’ve been very pro-active with a few projects and initiating some improvements and workgroups, and I’ve been getting great feedback from both my colleagues and supervisors alike for it … that always makes you feel good too.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had the mental energy to go out of my way to take on extra projects etc at work, and it feels wonderful to have the motivation for it right now.

While it’s still a bit unsettling to a certain extent not having a full-time living situation, it feels wonderful so far to be out of that dreary flat in Elwood, and for now I’m basking in the warmth of feeling ‘safe and secure’.  This payday will be the first one I have ‘free’ from rent (every other payday will still be spent on credit card bills as usual), and I have 5 hours overtime this week to help fill the coffers a bit more.  I have two biggish expenses coming up … both very selfish ones … a new Microsoft Office software package (I’m seriously “over” my current issues regarding that and figure a new up-to-date version will solve all my ills), and a Tom-Tom GPS for when I’m housesitting all over Melbourne.  After that my plans are to gradually whittle down my credit card debts and have less monthly outgoings on a regular basis … beyond that who knows, but I have to admit a new car would be deliriously wonderful ;P (that won’t be for quite some time, though!)

Anyway, I just wanted to post while I’m feeling very positive tonight … now it’s time to head back into the lounge and pick up my stitching for an hour or so (I picked up 2 hours overtime tonight, so I’m home late) … no kitting up for me tonight, it’s time for Karen’s RR to take centre stage again 😀

20 thoughts on “Short post about ‘nothing’”

  1. So great to hear that you’re feeling good, Anne! It’s always nice to have some extra cash in the kitty to treat yourself to something you need.
    It seems strange that you’re getting ice now, we’re just starting to warm up into summer. The world is a funny thing, isn’t it?

  2. How wonderful to be safe and WARM, without the wind whistling through the cracks! And even better to feel well, to be productive, and to contribute. Stitching is just an added joy. Nothing like rest and less stress to turn a viewpoint around.

  3. So glad that you’re feeling so good Anne {{{{hugs}}}} For me, kitting up projects is as good as stitching – I love trying out different fabric and thread combinations and choosing the “perfect” combo for a new piece 🙂

    Warm and safe – both very good things to be!

  4. Well I’m so glad to hear that you are in a better frame of mind. Way to go, I hope all continues in this upward movement!

  5. Hi Anne, I’m so pleased to hear that you are feeling better…. I think both the new Microsoft Office package and the Tom-Tom GPS are a great idea. My boss Sylvain gave me a lift home the other night, and he has GPS, he turned it on for me, so that I could hear what it was like – so funny, this lady speaking French at us, but I have to say, it was very accurate. He doesn’t use it in town much, but says it really is handy at the weekends, they go into the country and stay at B&Bs, some of which can be off the beaten track. Anyway,I hope things continue on a positive note – just think of all that rent you are not paying!

  6. It’s great to see you in such a positive mood today, Anne! You may be bouncing around from house to house for awhile, but for a very good purpose. Your goals are clear and you’ll reach each one!

  7. I’m so glad that you continue to feel good. I hope that life just keeps raining goodness and relaxation upon you! *hug*

  8. Anne, it is so nice to hear you are feeling positive – even though your living arrangement is not full time, I think it would also be a bit exciting to ‘try out’ different houses and areas. The extra money not paying rent also feels like a nice ‘relief’, even if it is only for a while.
    If you feel like taking a break to Adelaide in January I need a house and puppy sitter for 2 weeks!!

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