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Thanks for the supportive comments

Just a really quick post to say how much I’ve appreciated the cyberhugs and comments that have been left for me. I still don’t particularly feel like posting or blogging, so I’ll still be offline for a while longer. I’m not sleeping too well at the moment, and I’m on 6am shifts this week so that doesn’t help my mood at all.  I can’t even say that I’m stitching up a storm either, as I’m too exhausted most of the time to put a needle into fabric.

A couple of answers to questions about my car – unfortunately no I couldn’t pay in instalments, and they refused to give me a ballpark figure whatsoever before I flew to Perth … guess who won’t be going back to them?  It’s also not an option to sell at the moment, because I’d still need additional funds to ‘upgrade’ it, which I just don’t have.

One extra thing that is worrying me (probably unnecessarily) is that the real estate Manager (yep, the head honcho himself) came round to visit on Tuesday just before I picked my car up, and was very concerned about the building.  He started to say something about the works and stopped, and let’s just say I got the impression that I may not be permitted to stay in the building.  Anyway, I’ve since been online to the Tenants Union website, and been reading about Notices to Vacate … if the building is deemed inhabitable etc, then I could be served with an Immediate Notice to Vacate”, meaning I have to move out immediately … the alternative is a 60-day Notice to Vacate, and as far as I understand it the works will be taking place within 60 days.  I spoke to the Tenants Union on the phone yesterday and if I get served with an “immediate” notice then I can fight for an extension of say 14 days to make arrangements to move out, but basically there is no compensation made at all, even though you pay rent a month in advance and they are not longer providing you with a roof over your head that you’re essentially paying for.  The Union did say, though, that they would refund any rent already paid in advance … geez, that’s really comforting!  Anyway, let’s just say that’s preying on my mind a bit at the moment … I just hope like hell it doesn’t come to that … ‘cos at this stage I still don’t have another home to go to 😦

So, once again, please forgive me if I’m not online for a while longer – I may just mark all unread feeds as read soon too, as at the moment they’re about to hit the 1000 mark, and that’s depressing me all the more seeing that counter go up every day, and I just don’t have the mental energy to catch up at the moment.  In fact I don’t really feel like sitting here at the PC at all, so I know I really am not feeling fantastic 😉

I’m sure I’ll bounce back very soon … I just don’t see the point of sitting here whining online every day – it’s best for me to come back when I feel more positive and more like ‘my old self’ or I’ll start putting you all off reading my blog 😉

Thanks again for your continued support … I hope to see you again soon with a huge smile on my face 😀  {{hugs}}

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