Life’s reminder that I’m kinda blonde!

Just a really quick post to say “g’day” and show that I’m actually alive.  Sorry I’m so absent from commenting on blogs etc at the moment, and I’m sooooo far behind on reading it’s not funny.  I’m only generally reading blogs and catching up on emails etc after Mum’s gone to bed, which isn’t ideal time-wise, and now I’m back at work again it’s even harder.

I have to say that while I’m loving having Mum here it is really distracting … you can just about guarantee that as soon as I start to concentrate on something or remember something I need to do, I get called way with a question or conversation from Mum, and it all goes out the window!  Thank goodness I’m still switched on at work, because my brain switches off as soon as I walk in the front door at home!  The ultimate one last week was posting off my Friendship Quaker RR to Katrina … already a couple of days late in posting, I was chatting to Mum when scrambling to get a pile of items together to take to the post office (including a couple of RAK envelopes) … I heard from Katrina today saying there was something missing from the envelope … the threads!!  Yep, in a major blonde moment I’d actually put the fabric into the envelope and left the threads sitting here on top of the chart etc … geesh!!  I keep thinking of all the things I need to do while I’m driving into work on my own, so I think I’m going to have to start driving with a pad and pencil next to me to quickly jot them down while I remember LOL.

Stitching-wise it’s been a slow week – I’ve managed to start the Peacock Needle/Scissorcase by CA Wells, but haven’t managed much progress.  I’ve already frogged the satin stitch edging on side one only to realise I didn’t think about doing any ‘sequence stitching’ … I’ll just have to leave it as it is, and if I have time and enough thread left over at the end then I’ll frog it again and restitch it.  Tonight, though, I’ve been laid up on the sofa as I’ve been dizzy and wanting to throw up all night since driving home … fingers crossed it’s just a 24 hour bug as tomorrow’s an important day – the real estate agent is coming to check out the cracks etc (hallelujah!), then we’re off to visit Gina before I start work at 6pm (my least favourite shift).

And on that note I’ll hit the hay for the night – I just thought I’d drop a quick note into my blog before I settled down … you’ll have to wait for progress piccies because I don’t have the energy to do it right now.

Hope in the meantime you’re all healthy and happy 😀

8 thoughts on “Life’s reminder that I’m kinda blonde!”

  1. It sounds like you and your mom are having a nice visit even if you are forgetting a few things here and there. 🙂 I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. At least you are having a nice visit and that is important! I understand thoe blonde moments! I did it myself a while back forgetting to put something in an envelope. i was in a hurry.

  3. Hey Anne, no worries about the threads, I had actually wondered if NZ customs might have snaffled them since they are so pretty, lol. have a good rest of the week and hopefully you feeling icky doesn’t turn into anything too serious.

  4. Hey blondie, that sounds like something I’d do (and I’m a brunette!). LOL!

    I’m glad you’re having fun with your mom. Have a few forgetful moments is well worth it. 😉

  5. You’re spending quality time with your mum – that’s what is important 🙂

    I know how you feel about being fogetful – I am sure that our brains have limited space and sometimes we need to ‘download’ to be able to fit more stuff in 🙂

    Take care – hope your tummy feels better soon!

  6. I just did something similar a couple of days ago. Packaged up an order and forgot to put in the invoice. Had to mail it separately. DOH!

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