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Bye-bye Etui for a while

Yes, I’ve reached the milestone where I can comfortably put the Pyramid Etui away for a short while – thanks to some kind soul who left a comment that as long as you have the smaller pyramid, base, and one large set of triangles/diamond completed for the class, it will be fine, as that gives you an opportunity to try all the finishing techniques out.  My apologies to the kind soul who said that, as I can’t find the comment again now, but it definitely did put my mind at rest regarding my deadlines for getting the stitching all finished!  I just have 3 more of the larger triangles/diamonds left to go.  Thanks to everyone who’s left hints and tips for me with this project – it’s been really really helpful! 😀  Here are all the pieces laid out together for now: 

Next up is the stitching on my CA Wells Peacock needle/scissor case – I love the colours in this one, and looking forward to making a start on it today.  We’re off to dinner tonight with a close blogging buddy, and my new start will be joining us – I’m sure Sharon won’t mind, although I can’t guarantee there’ll be any stitching done on it, as we’re usually too busy chatting … but best to be prepared ‘just in case’ ;P

Now I have a huge thank you to a couple of fellow bloggers who have been sending me some treats through the mail.  I’ve been off work for the last couple of days (I took an extra few RDO’s – rostered days off – as I still had plenty up my sleeve, and work wanted me to use them up … such hardship LOL), so haven’t been near my PO Box at all as it’s near work – we made a special trip out yesterday to clear the mail, and there was an unexpected parcel sitting in there for me!

Tracy sent me a RAK parcel brimming with goodies – she stitched me a gorgeous pillow roll in blues (I forgot to take a piccie of the backing fabric, but it’s really scrummy – and I just love the little kitty cat at the bottom) … isn’t it gorgeous?  But that’s not all … she also send a packet of Kiwi Snifters yummo (and it got cracked open as a chaser to my morning Weet-bix this morning haha), and the most divine beaded scissor fob ever!  I can’t stop playing with it … the colours and the beads keep attracting my attention and I have to keep touching it!  It’s already sitting on the scissors that I’m currently using, and I’m looking forward to having an excuse to keep fondling it during my stitching session today 😀  Thanks again Tracy – as I said in my email, you’ve made my week! 😀


Next up is some extra pretties that Nicki sent me earlier, and I just realised I’d forgotten to take a piccie – Nicki and I did a trade for a chart (A Cherished Box by Cherished Stitches), plus she sent me a partial skein of TTG Silk ‘n’ Colors for my Etui, so I knew they were on their way … but I got a surprise when I opened the envelope as my goodies had some extra company – I also received some divine Dinky Dyes silks and the most scrummy ribbons (yep, I have to say turquoise is pretty much my favourite of all the bright blues!) … that was a wonderful surprise, and I love everything! 😀

Lastly I’ll finish by saying, yet again, that I love WordPress … this time it’s to do with my Photo Hunt post – sometimes lately I struggle with online time (at the moment it’s more to do with having Mum here, but other times it’s to do with my shifts), and I’m pressed to get my Photo Hunt post done each Saturday.  From memory with Blogger you can publish a ‘forward’ post, but I’m pretty sure it just posts straightaway with that date on it … anyway with WordPress you can write your post, set a future date for posting, and the post publishes at the exact date and time you set.  I tried doing it for this week’s Photo Hunt post and it worked perfectly – I’d actually found the photos during this last week, and I already have next week’s post done this way as well while I was in ‘photo hunt mode’ … yep, luv ya WordPress! 😀

17 thoughts on “Bye-bye Etui for a while”

  1. The etui is looking gorgeous. I bet everyone else in the class will be so envious of your colour scheme 😀

    Love the gifts Tracy sent you too 🙂

  2. Your etui stitching is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the peacock needle/scissors case! 🙂

    Your mail goodies are gorgeous! I can only imagine how happy you must be with all those beautiful blues! Have fun with them!!!

  3. Great stitching on the etui. What an opportunity to hone your finishing capabilities! Can’t wait to hear all about the class. 🙂

    Good to hear you took a couple days off work!

  4. Super gifts there Anne, I love snifters too. mmmmm

    Your Etui is looking fantastic, what amazing colours. I must keep track of this one…..

  5. You have such lovely thoughtful stitching buddies 🙂 (and aren’t you lucky that they think of you so often 🙂 Hee hee!

    Thanks for the knitting pattern – I’m off to Spotlight for their sale tomorrow to pick up some wool to start knitting!

    The Etui is looking fabulous – hope I get to see it in real life!

  6. Your Etui looks wonderful. I can’t wait to see the peacock piece, as well. You received some really lovely RAKs. I adore Dinky-Dyes silks. Yummy!

  7. Hi Anne, just catching up with all your news – the Etui is looking amazing and can’t wait to see how you enjoy the class now. Enjoy your goodies, lovely treats, especially those snifters, lol.

  8. Your Pyramid Etui is going to be so so gorgeous when it’s finally assembled. You made some beautiful changes to make it more yours. I love that!

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