Pyramid is growing

Slowly but surely the Etui is coming together … hopefully by the end of this weekend I’ll have enough stitched to at least put part of it together at the class next month – then I need to start working on the Peacock needle/scissor case.  Not much time being spent online at the moment … so just a very quick photo with the latest part of the Etui stitched – next up is one more small triangle and the small square base for the smaller pyramid.

18 thoughts on “Pyramid is growing”

  1. That looks so gorgeous Anne but I am put off by all that finishing! I would have to have someone to hold my hand while I completed it!

  2. Wow Anne its looking great ! all that time spent over the color choices was worth it the results are gorgeous.

  3. Yummy! I love it so far. Keep working! I’m glad that you should be able to get enough done to get something out of your classes. 🙂

  4. It’s looking beautiful! Those colours work so well and I bet it’s even nicer IRL! 🙂 Keep going!! 😀

  5. Hey Anne. Thanks for the compliment on my cube :o)
    The pattern was a freebie from the net, but I can’t remember where. I have it on my computer at home and can e-mail it to you once I get home today.

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