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Finish-along weekend

This weekend was the first FAL weekend on the Focus on Finishing blog, and it was a pitiful effort on my part … although the fact that I’ve been at work both days and been home for a sum total of 3 hours all weekend (ie tonight) might have been the key factor in that.  Seeing as I set the date, and supposed to be leading the FAL, I just had to finish ‘something’ before I went to bed tonight!  I managed to finish two Christmas ornaments – one of the first ornies Mum ever stitched for me (Prairie Schooler Santa), and a Lizzie*Kate ornie I stitched early last year some time.  Not the most flash finishing ever, but at least it’s two items out of the to-be-finished/FUFO pile!


I also forgot to post a piccie of some goodies that Mum and I picked up while we were out thread-hunting at the LNS’es last week … some gorgeous navy and turquoise fabrics that scream out to be made into part of my proposed quilt (I grabbed every little bit I could find in the remnant bins – Mum and I had the entire contents tipped out going through them, as there was nothing left in a bigger piece on the bolt), as well as some other turquoisey fabrics that just screamed my name.  We also picked up some Altoid tins from the USA Foods shop (both shops in Bentleigh) – there’s actually another red Altoid tin floating around somewhere, but Mum’s pilfered it so she can eat the mints 😉

I’m determined to attempt my first quilt this year, along with dear Isabelle, and these fabrics are one teeny tiny step closer to that goal 😀

18 thoughts on “Finish-along weekend”

  1. Hi Anne!
    Your fabbies are beautiful…a wonderful quilt block it will make 🙂
    Altoids are good to have on hand 😉
    And I think your finished ornaments are pretty!

  2. Nice finishes, Anne!

    If you ever need “goodies” from the US, let me know – I’d be happy to set up a trade for some Australian “goodies” – I miss such delights as Crunchie, Violet Crumble and Daiy Milk chocolate 🙂

  3. nice finishes Anne! Finishing anything is my thorn in the flesh! I am among the ranks of those who love to stitch and dislike finishing!

    Did you know that there is now Chocolate Covered Altoids available here in the US? Dark chocolate. UMMMM! Yummy. The tins are sort of a brown color and will be very nice for stitching boxes!!!

  4. I too am a bit finish-phobic. I have quite a few ornies from last year that are waiting for me to gather up my courage once again to make the attempt. 😀 But perhaps a few of them could be simply done, such as your PS, maybe add a ribbon trim.

    Anyway, you’ve once again amazed me, Anne. Only three hours home and you still actually beautifully finished two projects!

  5. Your two finishes are two more than I’ve gotten done this weekend. It’s a school weekend, what can I say?

    Love those blue bits you got and I can’t wait to see your quilt in progress!!!

  6. Anne, if you would like to bring some stitching to do while you and June are here, please feel free to do so! I would love to see it of course, and it would be a good opportunity for you to do some catch up stitching while I show June my vintage linen. You might get bored after the first dozen tablecloths, so why not sit and stitch away to your heart’s content instead of thinking “I could be doing something useful with all this spare time”!!!!

  7. Nice finishing Anne. And I love the new fabrics you bought. I can’t wait to see your quilt when it gets going!

  8. Wow Anne! I’m *amazed* you managed to finish anything at all with the weekend you had! They look great, too.
    And those fabrics, oh my! Gorgeousness!! I’m positively drooling. 😛

    It’s so funny – I just emailed you and mentioned our quilt along. Yes, do let’s make those quilts together!! What fun we’re gonna have. The only trouble is, what with the scrumptious blues and turquoises we have both planned for our quilts, we’ll both be coveting each other’s quilts all through the process! Ha ha! 😆

  9. Yummy fabrics and I think two ornaments is more than respectable with the little time you had to work on them! 🙂

  10. I had 4 finishes over the weekend. Woo Hoo! Congrats on your ornie finishes. They look great, Anne. Love your stash haul too. Pretty fabbies.

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