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“A Store is Born”

Just a really really quick post to congratulate our great online pal Jenna on the opening of her online needlework store – when I announced to Mum this morning that today was the day that the store opened, Mum’s immediate reaction was “well, we’d better order something then!” I now have my Christmas gifts from Mum all sorted out 9 months in advance haha … and have ordered The Cat’s Whiskers charts that I’ve been drooling over the most since they were released at Nashville. I also ordered some 17″ Q-snaps at the same time to save on postage later, as I’m going to be needing the Q-snaps for Egyptian Garden soon as that whopping great project grows.

In the meantime if you get chance please do pop over to visit Jenna’s website and store – it looks wonderful, and I wish you every success in this exciting new phase of your life Jenna!  You can visit it here:

One Star’s Light Needlework Supplies

The two charts I’ve got on order are the Alyssum Scissor Pocket, and the Peacock Stitching Chair – yippee!!  They have to be wrapped up in Christmas wrapping paper as soon as they arrive and packed away with the Christmas tree decorations so I don’t forget where they are in December LOL.


As for my own stitching, I’ve spent so much time commuting between LNS’s over the last 7 days that we worked out it was the equivalent of an entire working day … and don’t ask how many times I’ve frogged parts of the Pyramid Etui haha.  But finally I’ve found a combination of blues that kinda work – the variegated thread looked totally different when stitched, and the colours I had just didn’t blend well.  I’ve just managed to finally finish one of the large square bases tonight, and I’ll take full piccies tomorrow in daylight so you can see what the final choice of colours looks like.  It hasn’t worked out exactly how I pictured it in my head, but I do like it! 😀  I’m extremely behind with my stitching of it, though, and it’s stressing me out, but more on that tomorrow …

5 thoughts on ““A Store is Born””

  1. Great choices Anne! I’m sure you will LOVE them when you can open…them…WOW, I couldn’t wrap them and put them away 🙂

  2. I just love that chair! Off to check out Jenna’s site. Thanks for the heads up, we were out at a play last night and missed the big news!

  3. Great presents Anne! I bought myself the same ones… and a bit more *blush* I’m not strong enough to wrap mine up though, but I’m sure with everything I’ve gotten recently I won’t be starting them right away LOL

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