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Christmas Ornie SAL

This month I cheated a wee bit – instead of stitching a new ornie from scratch, I pulled out a half-finished one and put the final stitches into it.  I can now say I’ve set a new record for myself for the smallest piece stitched!  The ornie used a Just Nan charm frame, which I didn’t have, so right from the start I thought about stitching the middle part on a separate piece of fabric but using a Nun’s stitch around the sides and attaching it at the end.  Last night I stitched the wee over-one section and did the Nun’s stitch tonight before putting it all together.  Now it’s headed for the finishing pile with the rest of the ornies 🙂 

“A Little Joy” by Just Nan, Inc
from 2002 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue
stitched on 28ct Mushroom Meran, and 32ct Flax Belfast
using recommended threads and beads

Here’s a couple of photos using Mum’s hand as a model, and a packet of Piecemaker needles, to show just how tiny this little centre piece is.  I was originally giving this one away to an online stitching buddy, but I have to say I don’t think I’ll face doing that over-one section again, so I think now I’m going to be keeping this one for myself! 😉

The other stitching news is that I FINALLY finished off my Peace needleroll ornament into a needleroll – but I forgot to take piccies, so I’ll have to do that later.  It’s been pinned together for so long just waiting to have the seam stitched, I’m surprised the pins haven’t gone rusty! LOL.

Nothing else to report, really – I’m partly through my Etui stitching, but not entirely happy with my colour choices, as they seem a lot paler with just a couple of strands … I need to replace my Soie Cristale blue with something a tiny bit deeper, so tomorrow we’re hoping to drop into Bustle & Bows in Surrey Hills to check out their silk selection – ideally I’d like something similar in colour to Needle Necessities 101 floss (or just slightly darker), so fingers crossed we can find something.  It means there’ll be a bit of frogging to do, though, as I’ve almost completed 3 of the little pyramid triangles (apart from the edges, as I’m still waiting for the threads to arrive from Hand Dyed Fibers).  I won’t bother showing you a piccie until I’ve got all the colours to hand and I’ve got at least one piece totally stitched.

Rightio, off back to the TV where I’m pretty sure Mum has just fallen asleep … I think I’m going to have to start taping her favourite TV programmes for her – every night we’ve watched CSI ‘cos she loves it, she’s fallen asleep halfway through!  She’s a worry!!

30 thoughts on “Christmas Ornie SAL”

  1. Oh that IS small! I doubt my peepers would be able to accomplish that WITH glasses!

    I must take myself to B&B too soemtime – I’ve not visted there yet!

    Have fun!


  2. I was just admiring this on the ornament SAL blog! Congratulations on a lovely finish – you did a great job, particularly of the over one in the centre – very clever idea!

  3. wow! That is the tiniest piece of stitching ever! congrats on the finish! My mom does the same thing with shows, but we are usually watching DVD reruns, and so I end up watching the same parts over and over, because she makes me rewind it when she wakes up, so I finally give up and go to bed, while she re-watches the first half three or four times!=) Oh what would we do without our mommies?

  4. Fantastic idea! I prefer the stitched over one bit you did to the original design. What a lovely ornament.
    Say “hi” to mum for me. I love 24 too. Maybe it’s on too late for her?

  5. Wow!! that is some tiny stitching! My eyes hurt just thinking about all that tiny stitching. It looks wonderful, Anne. 🙂

  6. How on earth do you stitch on such a tiny piece? I think my fingers would been too big to even hold it. Did you use tweezers? I can only picture some sort of microsurgical tools would be needed for such a tiny thing. Fantastic job!

  7. I stumbled across your site by accident but have come to visit regularly. You’re stitching is amazingly beautiful. I haven’t stitched in ages but you’ve inspired me to start up again.

    ~~ gail

  8. That is amazing!!!! I love it and it’s all the more sweeter because its a UFO finish!!! Congratulations and I agree….keep it! 🙂

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