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Pyramid Etui update

Thanks everyone for your helpful comments – I think KarenV hit the nail on the head, the problem I have with the colours are that they really are “drab”! I’m usually quite a bright person where colours are concerned, so I was really disappointed when I opened up the kit to that not-so-wonderful array of colour 😦 And that pink just sticks out like a sore thumb – and of course just happens to be the one shade of pink I absolutely abhor!  Anyway, I’ve scanned a small piece of the colour piccie that came with the kit so you can see the difference of the photo piece and the threads sent (and the scan is pretty accurate for the colours).  I think even in the scan of the stitched panel the pink sticks out like a sore thumb – and the colours are sure as heck a lot different between the scan of the stitched panel and the threads! 

The first instruction is to do the 4-sided stitch around the outlines in the blue thread … right … um, blue … I guess that’s the drab greeny-looking thread second from the right.  I like the idea of perhaps finding a peach thread to soften it a bit, but I have to admit that if I’m truly honest with myself, I want the change the whole lot!  The problem I have is I spent every spare cent I have, pretty much, on the kit costs for these two projects and still have to pay for the airfare etc, and I don’t think I have enough silk in my stash to rekit the whole thing from scratch – I may hunt through my variegated silks, though, to see if it gives me any ideas for rekitting (in the back of my mind, though, I’m thinking rich jewel tones – not blues for a change haha).  I could always stitch up one band in the current colours, but replacing the pink with peach, and see how I feel about it stitched up, as the way I’ve gridded the fabric I’ve been very frugal and have enough left over for one more panel …

In the meantime, though, I may follow the good advice of a few of you and stitch up the peacock one first while I’m mulling over my options for the other one.  I also may re-chart up the design in my XS program and play with the colours on there to see what would work, ie with the peach vs powder blue etc.  I don’t have much time to play with, as I was supposed to have one panel stitched by the end of the weekend, so I’m behind the 8-ball already timewise oops.  Luckily the fact I’m on leave at the moment gives me chance to catch up, though.

Edited to add:  Actually Mum and I have been playing with the colours, and think if we just tone down the pink with a more muted and ‘dusky’ version I could live with it … barely … so we’ve decided DMC 778 is do-able, as long as I can find a silk in similar tonings.  We tried a couple of different colours, and the muted blues/turquoises all mean we’d have to change the variegated silk, and I don’t have anything in my stash that would suit.  I really liked the apricot on the screen, but IRL it was lost between the ‘ecru’ and gold … so, I guess the pink it is for now mutter mutter mutter LOL.  If everything turns pear-shaped trying to find another pink silk, I’ll just use the original pink and stitch with my eyes closed

Edited again to add:  My apologies for not posting this before, but here is a piccie of the actual project I’m harping on about … The photos are compliments of the Needle in a Haystack class they held – you can click on the link for further info and a description of the project itself.  Here’s a photo of the Etui both open and closed (and in fact probably show the colours closer to what I actually have now … perhaps she’s changed the colours since the original photos and instructions were done?).


Right now, though I’m off to get my Quaker RR stitched up … fingers crossed my thread choice turns out OK for that one! 😉 (and it’s certainly not drab LOL)

6 thoughts on “Pyramid Etui update”

  1. Hmm… I’m with you, that 2nd thread from the right sure doesn’t look blue to me. I like your idea of doing a sample and see what you like best. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, it’s going to be so beautiful when it’s finished!

  2. I’d still do the Peacock one first while you have a bit more of a think 🙂

    The colours do look a bit drab. What type of silks are they? Would you need to buy more than one skein of some of the colours? I have some lovely blue Dinky Dyes in my stash I’d be happy to send but only one skein of each (8 metres). Any good to you? You know I’m not that likely to use blue 😉 {{{hugs}}}

  3. How disappointing to get the kit and then not be happy with the colours. You should definitely do the one you like first and then think about the other. A little swatch is a good plan and then take it from there.

  4. If you didn’t like the finished piece, I’m curious as to why you wanted to stitch it? Is it just because it’s a CA Wells piece? I love the colors. They’re very sampler-y.

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