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Enabling Post!! (updated)

Oh my, for lovers of “stitching smalls” check out these beauties! Wow, I just love them all!!! They’re all from The Cat’s Whiskers … WOW!!! Click on the link for all the latest releases. Guess who’s wishlist is growing? LOL – more incentive to hurry up and get cracking on that 50 project challenge (although there was talk of increasing it to 100 … perhaps I could do 50, have a splurge, then do 50 more? LOLOL) These ones are my favourites:

The Peacock Stitching Chair (how cool is this??)
Stitching Chair closed Stitcing Chair open

Blessed with Happiness Embroidered Box
Happiness Box

Birds of a Feather Dilly Bag with Stitching Accessories
BOAF Dilly Bag

Grandma’s Cushions Thread Wallet
GC Thread Wallet

Alyssum Scissor Pocket (Limited Release 2007)
Alyssum scissor pocket

Phew, that excitement in my mailbox woke me up this morning! I felt so rough last night I ended up not stitching at all, and just went straight to bed, where I slept for almost 11 hours yikes! Hopefully I can get a few stitches in this morning before I go to work – I’ve already printed off a few more properties to take in to show Sheree (love the Domain’s house alerts by email!), and once I’ve stopped salivating over the new releases I’ll have a quick bite of brekkie and get motivated. I still feel slightly like a train wreck, but hopefully it’ll ease off before work ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you enjoyed the piccies! ๐Ÿ˜€

(Update) Oh man, my inbox is going to be the death of me today … I also just found out tha CA Wells is doing a class here in Perth in April – oh boy, would I LOVE to go to that?? I’ve sent a quick email to find out if there are any spaces left, and what the details are … it would be a very cheap holiday apart from the class cost, as I get a very good travel discount on the flights, and a close friend moved to Perth from here last year and is always hassling me to come visit, so I’d have free room and board – how cool would that be? Anyway, I’d better not get too excited, as I presume it’s all booked out, but it’s nice to dream! And when I move in with Sheree it’ll be approx $400 savings each month, which means these sorts of splurges are very ‘do-able’ in the future ๐Ÿ˜€ BTW, can you tell I’m still not stitching?? LOL.

19 thoughts on “Enabling Post!! (updated)”

  1. Oh my goodness…I had better get cracking on my 50 projects as well ๐Ÿ™‚
    The little chair is incredible…and I must have the little scissor pocket. *sigh*!!

  2. Georgie is trying to get a group together for melbourne… not that i am trying to stop you coming over here or anything – do come visit WA (and I’d love to see you if you can fit it in).

  3. Oh how lovely is that chair?! She does beautiful stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ A lot of blue stuff too!

    Hope you can make the class – that would be wonderful!

  4. I must also scold you for being an evil enabler Anne! ๐Ÿ˜› All of those designs are lovely… and I noticed that the chair is like it was already made for me with my initials… lol

  5. Hey Anne – Georgie from Ugottahaveit designs is trying to bring CA Wells to Melbourne (ish) for a class? She needs to know interested parties – would you like me to email you her details ?

    Those are really great and I would love to do a class too ๐Ÿ™‚

    (all orgainsed in my new house)

  6. Hi Anne

    One of the ladies from another list I am on is organising a CA Wells class a bit closer to home – would you like me to pass you her details? If so – just email me and I will ๐Ÿ™‚

    Will be tempted to do that calss myself!


  7. OMG those new releases are to drool over – that chair … it just kills me!! WOW!

    I hope the class still has an opening for you. I want to hear ALL about it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I was just admiring these via the link on Cathy’s blog. That Peacock chair is just amazing – I think that will definitely be going on the wishlist! I hope you get into the class – it would be a fantastic opportunity. Everyone I know who’s taken one of her classes says it’s definitely worth it!

  9. Aren’t they gorgeous. Don’t quote me on this but I think CA teaches in Australia on a yearly basis, so if you can’t get in this time there should be another opportunity. She’s a wonderful teacher I really recommend her classes

  10. I saw those on Cathy’s blog and my jaw dropped! Isn’t it amazing how the designers keep coming up with new ideas?
    I hope you’ll feel better and I keep crossing my fingers for you!

  11. I LOVE all of your finds especially the little armachair, I bet we all want to do one…lol. I hope you can go to the CA Wells class it will be very interesting, I wish I could have gone to the London one!

  12. TELL me about it! I am so glad that she is the first designer whose full line I want to carry in my ONS. It’s going to be VERY hard to have those beauties in hand without falling off of the 50 project wagon, especially when I still have more than 50 projects to go! ACK!

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