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This is just a really quick post, as I feel dreadful … we found out yesterday morning that the rental property we’ve been keen on was open for an inspection between 5.30-5.45pm tonight, and I had to do a shift swap with someone to cover it, meaning I had a bare 10-hour turnaround between shifts last night, and a 6 hour sleep. Oh boy, do I owe my swap partner BIG time as she has to do that tonight! As it turns out, the lounge/dining and outside area was lovely, and the master bedroom was fine – there were actually 3 toilets (!), and two showers/bathrooms … BUT the two other bedrooms were tiny, and only really suitable for single beds … so all-in-all not suitable at all, and it’s back to the drawing board again. I’m not giving my notice in here until we find somewhere as I couldn’t afford to get movers in twice, so at least I have a roof over my head for longer, but I really and truly hate this part of house-hunting … you have to look at so many doggy properties before you find one you like and hope like heck you get approved over other people … ho-hum.

Thanks for the comments about the photo hosting options … I really appreciate it. I have to admit, I like the idea of having tags etc on Flickr photos, and the simplicity of blogging direct from Flickr … but I also haven’t really looked that deeply into Photobucket and what it can do, and I really love the simplicity of Photobucket for uploading piccies to date (in fact I prefer it over WordPress’s upload options). I’ll do a bit more research and see if I can set my Photobucket albums up a bit better than they currently are and maybe get better utilisation out of it.

I have to admit, too, I’ve been feeling headachey all day today and running to the bathroom every hour (plus a slight pressure on what I think is around the kidney area this morning), so I think I’m coming down with the stupid virus that’s rampant everywhere at the moment … so tonight I’m going to take it easy and kick back and just have maybe an hour’s stitching time on Winter Queen, as well as planning a couple of upcoming ornies and gifts. Dinner’s already taken care of … I made myself two lamb shanks in red wine on Sunday night, and forgot to take the second one into work last night, so I’m reheating it tonight instead … delishimo!

And on that note, I’m walking away from the PC for the night, and heading for the microwave … now, where’s the TV Guide? … 🙂

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  1. That nasty virus is running rampant here, too. I hope you escape!!

    Good luck with house hunting. I had such a weird moving dream last night…

  2. Keep looking – Pete and I looked at one on your behalf the other day… I loved it -but it was a little dodgey- but homely.. I twas about a two minute walk from here…. We will keep looking and if I see something reasonable I shall let you know…

  3. Sorry to hear the apartment wasn’t up to what you had hoped. But something great will come along! Take care of yourself, and hopefully you can knock out that virus before it gets a hold of you.

  4. Hope whatever virus-y thing it is doesn’t take a hold and you’re feeling 100% again soon. Good luck with the househunting – I hate looking too, so I can sympathise.

  5. Aw, so sorry the rental property was not what you needed. What a shame. I hope you feel better soon…. get some bedrest, it’s what works!

  6. I’m sorry that the apartment wasn’t all that you had hoped for. It only means that you are bound to find something even better; exactly what you want! 🙂

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