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Bordeaux Sampler

Just a really really quick post, as I’m pretty shattered – just wanted to show Carol and Leslie that I haven’t forgotten about this SAL we’re doing … I just haven’t had much progress to show. Anyway, seeing as I’m supposed to post a piccie each Friday, I figure I might as well show where I’m up to so far – I think Carol might be catching me up quickly, and at the rate I’m going will be overtaking me very soon! 😉 I’m really not enjoying this band at all, so it’s slowed my enthusiasm and my stitching speed down – perhaps the sooner I finish it the better, so I can move on to a more fun band. (Sorry for the poor photo quality.)

We had a couple of people off sick at work today, so I ended up with 3 1/2 hours overtime which will be absolutely awesome in the pay packet (Mr Taxman may just see his money at the start of the year!) … but on day 6 of work, doing an 11 1/2 hour shift has wiped me out and I’m pretty exhausted … it’s my last day tomorrow, with another 6am start, so no more stitching for me, I don’t think!

I was also supposed to post a Photo Hunt piccie, but I’m too exhausted to go hunting … I had a quick look through my online piccies, but nothing jumped out at me, so I’m going to flag the exercise this week – instead I’m going to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet in the 1 1/2 hours I have between getting home and having to get to bed again 😉

10 thoughts on “Bordeaux Sampler”

  1. Sounds like you NEED a lot of rest!!

    (I’m here from the photo hunt, but I had to stop and wish you happy new year—and couldn’t resist leaving a comment. Your work on the sampler is going to be beautiful when finished!!)

  2. Dearest Anne, I’m finally back online… Haven’t had the time to read all your posts, but I did see how spoiled you were for Christmas, woohoo! 😀
    Got your card yesterday, thank you!! You shouldn’t have, and you know it! But it is very special to me 🙂

    (((((hugs))))) and a very happy New Year!!

  3. Not to worry -I won’t be catching you! I dread finishing the last little bit of over one grapes on band two, so I haven’t touched it lately. I hope to soon, but have got to stitch Dianne’s RR and post by the 15th. Haven’t heard at all from you lately – hope all is OK!

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