My mailbox runneth over!

Imagine my surprise when I went to my PO Box to clear my mail yesterday morning before work, and the mailman came out with a HUGE box of goodies for me – he even laughed at the look on my face, bless him! Cindy went crazy and put together the most incredible selection of stitching goodies for me … I’m still in awe of everything, and feel like one of those plastic dogs that sits in the back of the car with it’s head shaking with every bump, except mine’s just shaking in the sheer amazement at Cindy’s generosity. Thank you again, Cindy, I’m still totally blown away and don’t know what I’ve done to deserve it! I love it all … and you may have noticed the Kahlua choccies didn’t even survive 24 hours – I was kind and shared them at work yesterday with my closest colleagues, and they were totally delicious! And the notebook is already in use for some stitching lists I’ve been wanting to do for a few weeks now, and the page sizes and lines are just perfect for it. I’m always running out of Floss-away bags, and all the charts are awesome, and the fabric, and the threads, and oh my my head is spinning again! 😀 Thanks so much for making my day! 😀

On a down note I finally cracked it with a certain ONS (SB&B to be exact) … after waiting since August (!) for some backordered items for Mum and me, I finally got the advice they were ready to ship … I quickly sent off an email asking if they could add two skeins of WDW for Katrina to save postage, plus 2 Kreinik braids, and no answer … when I went to the library to check emails (my phone line was down at this stage), I’d received a refund notice from PayPal – not even SB&B themselves – for an amount for the Aida Mum had had on backorder … no explanation or anything, and no answers to the previous emails I’d sent re the extra threads. I finally sent an email from work cracking it about their lack of communication and demanding they tell me what the hell was going on … a very quick response then, stating they’d apparently sent me emails etc, but then just shipped the parcel “as is”. I wouldn’t mind, but we’ve been waiting 4 months for the fabric, that was then refunded (and for a totally different amount that I’d been invoiced for too!) … 4 months for Floss-away bags and WDW threads for Needle Nick (which of course is now too late to stitch for this Christmas anyway). It’s amazing how invoices have no problem reaching my email addy, but answers to queries have a major issue … sorry about the vent, but it makes my blood boil! I don’t usually like to bad-mouth a specific company on here, and the last time I vented I didn’t name names, but this time I’ve reached my limits … mutter mutter mutter. I’ve been signed up for the Monthly Bits for a while now, but I’m starting to reconsider that option as well.

In this instance Karen at Dragonfly Dreams came to the rescue, as I’ve ordered the other threads through Karen now – from one extreme to the other, the service is exceptionally quick and communication first rate … it’s a shame we have to pay so much more ‘down under’, but I’m starting to think it’s perhaps a better option when taking service levels into consideration. Food for thought for me for the New Year … not that I’ll be buying much for a while yet anyway, as my finances are still in tight check for a while longer hmmm.

Rightio, that’s my venting out of my system … phew! Now I’m off to think about what to stitch next – I think perhaps it’s time to start on a birthday gift I want to stitch … either that or maybe start that canvaswork pincushion from the Inspirations magazine and try to knock off another goal before year end haha. I’m actually quite excited, as I only have 2 more working days left (from a total of 7), then I’m on a 5-day break yippee … gee whiz, I wonder what I’ll be doing next week?? LOL … although it’ll take me 1-2 days just to catch up on blogs from the last couple of weeks!

15 thoughts on “My mailbox runneth over!”

  1. What great goodies! You really deserve that nice package after all that you have been through.

    Sorry about your problems with SB & B…you aren’t the first that I have heard this from. I like Amy at or Joanne at

    : )

  2. What an amazing load of goodies. How fantastic of Cindy 🙂 The first thing I noticed was all that blue fabric – perfect for you 🙂

    Sorry about the SB&B problem. The best ONS I’ve found for service is Elegant Stitch. Not as cheap as SB&B but lovely service.

  3. What a lovely haul!! I love the Hardanger charts.
    I use Dragonfly dreams pretty much all of the time – I can see straight away what effect it will have on our bank account which is a good thing as I am hopeless stash addict (I think you know that).
    All the best!

  4. What a great mail day 🙂 Enjoy your goodies.

    Sorry to hear about your problems with SB&B, you’re not the first person I’ve heard similar comments from. I’m another person who usually uses Elegant Stitch as I’ve always had great service there.

  5. Poor customer service is frustrating! I have not tried any of the ONS yet because I have some decent LNS that always seem to have exactly what I am looking for.

  6. That’s a wonderful gift packet, and I’m so happy for you!

    As for SB&B, well, I am really with you. Been down this road. Good luck finding a new ONS.

  7. Oh my goodness, Cindy has truly spoiled you. How wonderful! 😀 I think that you’re right about finding a new ONS. I only use her for the sales and when I know I won’t get the order for weeks. But she has definitely gotten worse lately, I think. I’ve been using 1-2-3 Stitch ( and have had great success with their communications and service.

  8. Such wonderful goodies, Anne! I love the victorian hardanger, surely more addition to my wishlist…that is, if i get around in updating it. Really wish have more time for hobbies…oh well, it isn’t possible at the moment but hope someday.

  9. What a lovely present! Sounds like fun.

    I’ve had lots of delays with SB&B. I only order from them if the price is really good and I don’t need the item fast. I’ve found my not so LNS can give me much better service.

  10. Sorry to hear about your woes with SB&B, Anne. I’ve always heard good things about them. I’ve never ordered from them, but now I’ll think twice. You should put an entry in the ONS Report Card…

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