L&L conversions

Just a quick post … for those of you who are lovers of the colour blue, and also of Lavender & Lace designs, check out some of the conversions for the Celtic Ladies … oh la la!!! Hmmm, I see another couple of additions to my stitching wishlist now … those charts sitting in my stash are offering a whole new dimension to me again!!

Celtic Noel
Celtic Winter
Celtic Winter (work in progress – page down for the latest piccie)
Celtic Autumn

Celtic Summer (edited to add this one – wow!)

And a link to the actual conversion process by Nathalie (from the WIP link above) – Celtic Winter.

As you can see, I’m wasting time today – I managed nearly 6 hours sleep, which is awesome, and now I’m pretending I’m an ostrich and burying my head in the sand for the rest of the day … my car issues can wait until tomorrow … I just don’t want to think about it any more today – there’s plenty of time to stress out tomorrow 😉

Alas today I also logged into Blogger, only to get the Dashboard notice saying my new ‘beta’ blogger is ready for me to move over … considering all the problems people still seem to be having, I think I might wait until they drag me by the hair kicking and screaming into the new blogger dimension … even though they say “all my layouts and contents will stay the same” … yeah, right! Time will tell … but that time’s not right now! 😉

6 thoughts on “L&L conversions”

  1. Hi Anne

    Gosh, you did have a bugger of a day – and let me tell you, nails/bolts in tyres are so common. I recently got a nail in ONE of my tyres, I had to change the whole lot… yes, all 4!!! One costly exercise.
    I work for a testing station in NZ and that is a common failure fault.

    Hope that you have managed to get some stitching done and the heart rate has gone down.

  2. Oh my goodness those are amazing conversions for the L&L ladies. I love the Celitc Winter one holding the bouquet.

    I’m with you on moving to the new blogger, i am not jumping on that bandwagon quite yet.

  3. Gorgeous conversions! I knew I shouldn’t have looked. Did you happen to see an Autumn one in golds/oranges? I did Celtic Spring a few years people (I’m a purple girl) and I love it.

    Oh not more car problems – poor Anne! It sure is pouring on you these days.

  4. Oh my…that “Winter” conversion with the cloak is gorgeous!! I have a green/gold conversion for….Summer, I think?….but now I want the Winter pattern and Natalie’s modifications!

    Is it too late for me join in the RAK database??

  5. Oh my, love some of those Winter ones! I’ve done Spring but was in a quandry about the rest – once you do two or three you should really do them all I think, but Winter was so dull. Now I see what could be done!

    And I got my beta blogger invite too but I don’t want to lose my blog template so I’m holding out for a while. I don’t believe it would transfer – haven’t seen one yet that did! 🙂

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