Downright fed up!

The heading of this post really sums it up today … I was feeling quite good after completing my overnight shifts, and coming home for my days off work – even after only having 4 hours quality sleep each night (or ‘day’ to be more precise), I feel OK, and happy … then driving home that wonderful feeling disappeared.

After driving for a while with a slight knocking sound coming from the passenger side of the car, I drove to an open gas station that’s about halfway home and checked around the car, only to find a bloody great bolt head sticking out of the passenger side front tyre … here I was thinking my financial woes are finally going to be put to rest on Tuesday, my bills are all going to be paid, and I’m going to live it up with fresh veges on the dinner table and my stress levels will return to normal … well, so much for that idea! Now it’s likely I’m up for a brand new tyre on top of everything else … fed up? Too bloody right I am!! 😦

I did have an extra bit of excitement on the drive home, though … I saw black smoke billowing on the horizon, and thought it looked like fire smoke … sure enough, I drove past an art supply store that was billowing flames out the front – it was like being on the movie set of Ladder 49 or something, especially at 5.30am with the sky only just lightening up, the colour was quite vivid and very spectacular – I only wish I had my camera, as watching the fireman dealing with it with the flames pouring out the front was incredible!

Then to top it all off a stupid driver started reversing out really fast from his driveway, into the main road, right in front of me … I had to haul on the brakes to miss driving straight into him – between the tyre, the fire, and that moron my heartrate was definitely up by the time I got home … I was grateful just to pull into my driveway! Anyway, the bolt is still sitting in my tyre … I figured I’d drive home slowly and change the tyre etc when I can see it in daylight – and here I was thinking I’d have a relaxing day stitching on my day off … mutter mutter mutter.

Anyway, I have to say I’ve pretty much reached my limits … and can’t take much more testing of my inner strength … whoever’s doing the testing, could you just give me a passing grade, and let me get on with ‘life as I know it’ … enough already!!!!!

Sorry for the rant … it’s now 6am and I just wanted to get it off my chest before trying to get to sleep … ‘cos at the moment I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry, but I feel too tired to do either!

11 thoughts on “Downright fed up!”

  1. Oh, Anne. I really am sorry! And I’m especially sorry to’ve added to your stress level. I hope that everything will work out – very soon!!!

  2. I’m so sorry things are sucking at the moment. We recently had a bunch of stuff break all at once. Someone must have heard we were getting a little extra money!

  3. My heavens, you sure have had your bit of rain lately haven’t you? I’m with you…you pass with flying colors. You are in my thoughts and prayers 🙂

  4. {{{{Anne}}}} – I’m so sorry. I know how it feels to think you’re just getting straight and then another bill knocks you sideways and it’s horrible. Hope things turn a corner for you very soon.

  5. {{{{{{{{{{Anne}}}}}}}}}}}} It is so very unfair what you are going through! You are in my thoughts. And yes you have passed with flying colors I might add!!

  6. Hi there Anne,

    We used to live around the corner from that art supply shop – it was such a great place…

    E also drove past it yesterday and she was shocked to see what had happened…

  7. Oh my, Anne! Hope things go better for you. That really stinks about the tire! I have had to replace one twice in the past year…all I do is drive on country roads, and have no idea how in the world I would wind up with a drywall nail in mine. At least it was still in a condition to drive on 🙂

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