It’s Wednesday (aka Friday in my little world today), and I’m ever so happy 😉

Haven’t touched a needle in a few days now, and I’m itching to get a bit done, as well do a bit more housekeeping with my stitching stash – I’ve got so many charts not sorted into subjects in my folders etc, that it’s getting totally out of control, and I need some sort of order back again. The other day I bought some plastic ‘envelope’ folders, and put all of my rotation WIP’s into them, in order of stitching in a plastic tub, so every time I finish one rotation it goes to the back of the pile and I’m ready to just pick up the next one. In each of the folders I have my stitched piece if it’s small, my chart and working copy, and all the threads in flossaway bags in numerical order on metal rings … hence the reason I haven’t done any stitching recently haha. Typical of me, though, I can always find something else to fill my time rather than those things I really should be doing LOL.

In my semi-cranky mood yesterday, I decided to cheer myself up with a taste of my childhood … literally. For the first time I finally made myself a double batch of Doreen’s Apricot Slice – Doreen is my best friend’s Mum, and my adopted second Mum, and at many outings with the family Doreen would make this apricot slice … it always reminds me of those wonderful fun times of my youth. In fact Doreen’s kitchen was always filled with yummy home-baked goodies when you visited. I asked Vicki to send me the recipe a little while ago, and gave it a go. It’s not quite the same, as we don’t have Round Wine biscuits here, so I tried using Marie biscuits and they seem to have a bit more crunch to it … next time I think I’ll try plain Arrowroot biscuits, either that or get Mum to bring some in her red cross parcel/suitcase when she comes over haha. The guys at work will love me forever for making a double batch, as that means I’m taking a pile of it into work for them to munch on today too 😀 Here’s a small sampling of the pile …
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I’m happy to say my order that I was moaning about yesterday has been shipped, even though there is apparently a glitch with PayPal and I still haven’t got an invoice, but I feel very grateful it has finally been resolved. It’s unusual for me to fly off the handle, and to blog about it, but perhaps we can put it down to hormones as ‘that time of the month’ is about to hit any day now, and I’m feeling a mix of emotions this week hmmm.

Anyway, time to get ready for work – I have a normal shift of 12noon to 8pm today, then two days off woohoo (I’m trying not to think about the shifts next week, it’s too depressing LOL). I’m hoping to have something stitching-related to show you by the end of the weekend 🙂

5 thoughts on “T.G.I.W/F.”

  1. Anne, that’s a great idea to use those envelope folders. I might have to steal that one! Are you gonna share that recipe?? I love apricot anything. 🙂

  2. Mmmm, looks great. Sorry to hear about the prob with your online order… my bank thinks there is a glitch with their software, as I had probs paying by credit card recently. Annoyingly, they didn’t respond to my emails asking if they had received my resubmitted payment via Paypal (connected to my credit card). My order arrived within 3 weeks though, which was quite remarkable. Here’s hoping you get your stash soon!

  3. This entry is making me very hungry! My coffee is already here on my desk at work… now I just need one of those bars! LOL

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