It’s Friday tomorrow

OK, OK, for everyone else it’s Wednesday tomorrow … but for me it’s Friday in that it’s the last day of this week’s working week – I have Thu/Fri off before going back into work on Saturday … and a very very bad weekend to be working 5am shifts – why? I hear you ask (I wondered what those voices in my head were!!) … this weekend the clocks go forward (yay, I love daylight saving), but it means instead of having to wake up at my normal 4am, it will actually be 3am (not yay, in fact a BIG boooooo!). I think I’m going to be totally wrecked … ooh, ooh, I just had a brainwave as I was typing this – I still have a couple of ‘luv your work’ awards that I could cash in, then I could come home an hour early and just have a 7-hour day … hmmm, food for thought …

Can I just take a brief moment to have a mini rant … you might want to skip this bit … I’ve just sent a grumpy email of complaint to a certain online store in the US, one who’s infamous for having things on backorder for months (say no more). Anyway, I’d pre-ordered the JCS Xmas ornie issue through them, as I can never find it in Melbourne (although now I know Dragonfly Dreams carries it, it’s likely I’ll pay the imported price and buy locally from now on) – we added a number of items to the list that Mum needed, and asked for it to be held until the JCS issue comes in to combine postage (that was on 1Sep) … of course it’s still got items on back order even now … anyway on speaking to Mum we decided to add a couple more items to the list (namely Flossaway bags), which meant we’d have to have two shipment parcels … not a problem. At the time I also requested an additional one or two items be added to the first shipment for the scissor fob exchange I’m sending … gave a list of items that would be options, and just asked for something that was in stock to be sent. Well, on 10Oct I was asked if I’d like to receive shipment on the first parcel, to which I replied yes, and could I make sure the exchange goodies were in there too, and please send the invoice so I can pay it immediately … today is 24Oct and to date I still have not received a single response, and certainly no invoice – I’ve sent two other chaser emails, as I was worried about the mailing dates, and still heard nothing. I very very rarely complain in writing … but today I finally put my fingers to the keyboard. I don’t even mind greatly if the goods couldn’t be shipped in time to meet my deadline, but I would have liked an acknowledgement and advice to that extent so I could have made other arrangements. As it is, it is now too late, and I’ll likely have to send two parcels over the oceans, but it’s left a rather bitter taste in my mouth that’s for sure! They were quick enough to send my monthly bits invoice (but I presume that’s automated), but I have to admit it’s still sitting unactioned in my inbox while I decide what to do with that. OK, my rant is now officially over … phew! 😉

That feels better getting that off my chest … now I can move on and go back to my happy existence and regular scheduled programming haha … BTW, did I tell you it’s Friday tomorrow??? See, that put a smile back on my face again hahaha.

Update to my rant … I’ve just heard back from the infamous ONS – apparently an invoice was sent 11Oct, which I never received, and due to personal reasons no-one has been actioning emails in the office … it’s been sitting waiting to be shipped upon payment since 11Oct – geesh, I wish I’d known about this two weeks ago!! As I just replied, I’ve always always paid immediately on receipt of any invoices, perhaps that should have rung alarm bells, and if someone could have just scanned through emails for those that are relevant … OK, I’m just going to stop ranting now and try to let it slide … maybe I need to drag out my old yoga tape LOL.

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  1. This would probably be the ONS that has decided that they don’t send stuff to Cyprus anymore, I guess… Ive had some problems with them as well, actually they are probably related to the American Express help desk person in Malaysia who asked me what country Cyprus was in!

  2. I had to laugh at Ally’s comment, but in all seriousness it’s not fair the way that ONS work. I’ve only ever used them once, shipping was 5 times higher than any other ONS I have used and did a dummy test with another ONS and I could have also ordered 5 things from my wish list if I’d used them instead. Saying that though, I didn’t have to wait, mine was shipped immediately.

    Our clocks go back to BST on Sunday, so dark nights will soon be upon us once more.

    I hope you have a wonderful couple of days off.

  3. I had to laugh about Ally her comment. Cyprus is maybe difficult to find for people The netherlands is also a bit difficult. I was talking to someone in Canada and he asked where I was from and when I answered the netherlands, he was looking strange, than I said Holland that got even a stranger look and when I said Amsterdam he did know where I am coming from and immediately said coffeshops and drugs, but he still thought Amsterdam is a country 🙂
    I think the shipment from the ONS is just to high and the last time it took them 3 months to send something, so that was my last order from them.

  4. I’m not sure which ONS you’re referring to, but it sure seems that some other people do! lol Hopefully they get their act together. 🙂

    Have a great “weekend” Anne!

  5. I don’t know which ONS you are referring to, but I have a favourite, happyhobbits.com in UK. They don’t charge for postage over 20 Pounds. So I try them first everytime. Thereafter I go for who ever has my stash cheapest.

  6. I’m pretty sure I know which ONS you are talking about….I’m sorry dealing with them has been so frustrating. “Personal issues” always seem to strike at the worst times for small specialty stores – and when they are dealing with worldwide clientele, things get even more confusing. I asked the owner of a certain ONS (and I think it is the same one) to order some things from the Online Needlework Show for me, and she did reply that she would….however, she hasn’t replied to any of my following emails, where I asked how long it should take and how I would know if/when she got them. Hmph.

  7. Hmmm…I’m pretty sure which ONS you’re talking about! I’m so frustrated with that one, and all of the backorders. The last time, it was well over two months. Sure, everything is usually on sale…but I decided that if I have to wait forever for things to arrive, it just isn’t worth it!

    We “fall back” on Saturday night, so it will be lighter in the morning and DARK at night. Fall is definately in the air here!

  8. I have very mixed feelings about the time change thing. Not sure it’s really a necessary thing anymore and what a hassle! I’d vote for staying on daylight saving time all year – hate when it gets dark so early!

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