T.G.I.F. … & a bit of snow

The snow has been falling on my little Winter RR block, and the trees have blossomed up out of the ground, despite the drop in wintry temperature 😉 As you can see, I’ve managed to get a few more stitches done on this piece before I head off to work (I’m about to leave any minute now). Today is Friday, and for me it actually IS Friday, which means my weekend off is a real weekend again for two weeks in a row yippee 🙂 My plans this weekend are to do absolutely nothing but relax with a needle in hand … I hope to get this Winter RR block finished, and anything other than that is a bonus.

Next week is a tough week for me, with a mix of shifts … starting with 11am-7pm for two days, I then move to 1pm-9pm for one day, then a 3pm-11pm for 1 day, finishing with 3 days of 9pm-5am … yep, another week of 7 days straight. I then have 4 days off, but I’m usually a zombie after my night shifts and don’t anticipate much happening those days except perhaps a bit of stitching … maybe 😉

And on that note, off to work I go 😀

I almost forgot … for Barbara – that red is just DMC 304 … it’s pretty scrummy 😀

9 thoughts on “T.G.I.F. … & a bit of snow”

  1. Hi Anne, enjoy your stitchey weekend! your RR square looks great, (if you want some real snow I can send some your way – its thick on the ranges west of here, we’ve had a real cold snap here this week, lol)

  2. Gotta soak up a lot of enjoyment from this weekend to get you thru the long week ahead!! The Winter square is looking mighty fine – tho your headline gave me a jolt at first, lol!

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