A few stitches

I’ve decided to be a responsible stitcher, and not touch The Dratteds until I’ve finished one of my stitching commitments for this month – instead for the last two days I’ve been putting a few stitches into Lynn’s RR block before going to work. I’ve chosen the Winter block as I just love wintry/Christmas scenes, and love the richness of the red in the house. I probably should have stitched the Spring block, seeing as that’s the season we’re currently in down here, but the Winter one appealed to me more stitching-wise. I’m hoping to get the final stitches put into this one by the end of the weekend, ready for posting at the end of the month.

After that I just have my scissor fob exchange commitment (and I still haven’t decided on a design yet), then I’m free to stitch what I feel like … namely the Dratteds, along with an ornament or two and the monthly needleroll SAL. The poor Dratteds have been severely neglected for the last month or so – can’t wait to get moving on them again … ‘cos when they’re all finished I’m moving Egyptian Garden Mandala into their position as my focus piece, and I really can’t wait to get that back into my rotation.

Not much to chat on about today, so it’s just a short post – time to jump in the shower and start getting ready for work … geez it feels good to just have a 5-day week for a change, yippee!! 😀

9 thoughts on “A few stitches”

  1. Hi Anne – I like the winter block in this series too – the red house is so pretty! It looks like a fun stitch 🙂 Better than The Dratteds!! LOL

  2. Ooh, I like that block too…good choice! I would love to be able to get to my Egyptian Garden too, but I’m afraid it’s going to be awhile!

  3. Looking good Anne!!! I love this design you’re doing….winter scenes are a fave of mine too. And good for you on being a responsible RR partner……I’m terrible at deadline stitching.

    Make sure we get another piccie update soon!

  4. Great start on Lynn’s RR! I’m finished off with mine and eagerly waiting for the next one. Have a great long weekend.

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