Bloody expensive beads!!

I just managed to spend $110.50 for one packet of Mill Hill petite beads … woohoo, cheap huh? In my ultimate wisdom I decide to call into my semi-LNS on the way home ‘cos I can’t find my 40123 beads for love nor money, as the LNS is on the way home and it would save money on petrol rather than me driving out of my way to a Spotlight store … or so I thought! I parked in a 1-hour parking zone, right outside the store, and I swear the parking attendant must have been walking right up behind me … I was in there for no longer than 10 minutes (had to wait while another customer was served), and walked out to a parking ticket … for $107 – I hadn’t seen the “Clearway between 4-6pm” sign … bloody hell, I feel sick … think of all the stash I could have bought in there for that money!!! Oh well, it means the next month will be a lot tighter financially … I had a good pay week last week, ‘cos I had an extra Sunday shift than I should have normally, so feeling great I socked $200 away towards my sofa bed repayments while I had some ‘free cash’ … now I’m kicking myself for being so bloody organised for a change … especially because I’ve been bidding on a scissors set on the Bay of Evil that I am totally in love with, which of course if I win will be another outlay … that was expected and was still OK, but not with the new unexpected expense!! {heavy sigh}

Even though I’m on a stash diet until my 50 projects are over, that doesn’t affect these as they’re “tools” … how could I resist these?? I accidentally came across a piccie somewhere, and fell head over heels in love … just look at the colour of these!!! Gingher Alyssa designer series scissors … they’d keep me happy for the rest of my stitching days!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I was moaning to Mum while she was here that my Fiskars dress-making shears just don’t cut all along the length of the blade, and it’s really annoying, so when I found out Ginghers do “big” scissors too, I was reeled in, hook, line and sinker ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve been here 3 years and I’m STILL learning about the parking rules … I’ve only ever had one other parking ticket here, while flat-hunting in this area, as I didn’t realise there was such a thing as “permit parking” in residential areas … I soon found out $50 later that in fact yes there are … filed that one way for the future too …

Stitching-wise I’ve been trying to stitch a small gift for a friend, and had been creating something myself, but I decided the creative process just isn’t coming together for me right now, and I was best to just use an existing chart … hence the reason I needed the beads (perhaps if I’d stuck with my creative idea I’d be $100 better off right now … bugger!). I didn’t have one of the threads, so substituted with a Caron Collection Waterlilies silk instead, and I just have the centre bit of one side left, which is just tiny, and the beading, then it has to be put together … fingers crossed I manage to get most of that done tonight, as I’m on 5am shifts tomorrow and need an early night, but I really want to get this finished.

Aside from that nothing much else to report – I’m still having back/neck pain, and finally decided today to get an appointment (yay, more money going out!) with a sort of physio who specialises in muscular troubles like mine … she’s a nerve manipulator or something, but hopefully she’ll be able to provide some relief, or be able to recommend a physio or someone, as this pain is really getting me down.

Geez, I’m just a bundle of joviality tonight, aren’t I? Oh well, I’ll get over it I’m sure, and be back to normal by tomorrow hopefully. In the meantime I’m heading off to the fridge to make myself a nice long Jim Beam and L&P (I still have a small collection of L&P cans left … they only come out for special occasions, and I’ve just decided tonight is one of them as a cheer me up!).

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  1. To be completely Aussie – what a shit!!! I hate that – it is best not to think about what you could have bought… I just had a $279 speeding fine (58 in a 40 zone) so I know how you feel ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and I am trying not to think about the stash, shoes etc

    LOL – Bay of Evil… sucked me in too on the 8″ Sophie (the red ones!) scissors but yes, how can you possibley achieve reaching your 50 projects without the proper tools!!!! That is what I will tell my DH when they arrive ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Oh, so sorry to hear about that horrible ticket!! I absolutely hate parking tickets. And being towed. I’ve had a fair amount of both in my day. Yuck!

    Love your new big scissors!!

  3. The very first time we used our car over here we got a parking ticket. We had no idea what the parking times were and managed to park in a 5 minute spot for 20 minutes! That’s a lot of money. Ouch.

  4. Don’t feel badly about the parking ticket! When I was working on my 6 part Quaker Mystery sampler, my cat swallowed the needle I was using! The vet’s bill was $467.01 Canadian. There were NO stitches involved in removing the needle. I got the needle back too. So the piece of linen; 3 skeins of overdyed silk ordered 3 different times and the frame had to be special ordered. I’m way ahead of you, so don’t lose heart. Maria S.

  5. LOL. I’ve always known about Gingher’s big scissors, as my mom sews (as in clothes), so *I* was suprised, when I started looking for gadget stash, that they make small scissors.

  6. Ugh. Sorry to hear it, Anne. That stinks. Those truly are some expensive beads! I’m sure the effort will be appreciated, though. ๐Ÿ™‚ I seriously hope that the physio can get you some relief from you pain. No one likes to be in pain for any extended period of time. It just tends to make you cranky! I hoped the Jim Beam and L&P helped. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Oh, Anne, that parking ticket really hurts. In this part of the country, we don’t have parking meters, and few restricted parking areas. When traveling to Seattle or Portland it’s hard to remember that we have to factor parking into our costs, and that we may need to feed the meter periodically. So sorry for your huge fine! Seems like a lot of money for a parking infraction.

    You will absolutely enjoy evey snip you take with those Ginghers. I bought some dressmaker shears several years back and they’re still as sharp as ever. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Good to see those new Ginghers. I have to get those! I have a collection of all those beautiful designer series Ginghers. I think the back and neck stuff is going around. I have it too, and I could use some JB, but I’m taking Soma for my neck and so many psychiatric drugs, it would send me orbiting around the moon, LOL! Hey, that might be fun!

  9. Anne, you will love those Gingher shears if you win. I have a pair & they cut through fabric like butter. Just sooooo gorgeous too! Nice to have the matching pair. LOL

  10. Oh no! Sorry about the ticket. What a drag! I hope you win the scissors. Yes it will be another cash outlay, but they are SO pretty! You’ll enjoy them every single time you use them, I’m sure.

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