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Project #2 out of 50 totally finished

This one is a bit of a cheat … the actual challenge started on 1 September, so I get to include my two needlerolls that I finished the stitching of last week. My personal criteria, though, is that I’m not allowed to include them as part of the 50 Project Challenge until they’re “finished” into needlerolls (seeing as I’d already done the stitching before I personally accepted the challenge) … and I’m pleased to say “1 down, 1 to go”. I just couldn’t get motivated in the afternoon to stitch, but rather my finishing pile screamed to me louder! I popped into Spotlight on the way back from the PO, and picked up some Christmas fabric for ornie backings – I might even get organised enough to get some finished off during the next two months 😉

I did my finishing while watching another DVD rental – Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School … it was a pretty good ‘chick flick’, and perfect for my equivalent of a Sunday afternoon (yeah, I know it’s only Friday, but it was the end of my personal weekend as I’m back to work again, hence my Sunday). Today was an interesting day, as I just wasn’t in the mood to be back there again – not helped by the fact that Sandra that I work with told me I looked awfully pale this morning hmmm 😦 Oh well, at least I survived the day in one piece 😉

Not sure what I’ll do tonight – I managed to get a couple of hours stitching into Dolphins Domain (aka The Dratteds) last night, which I have to admit I really enjoyed, even though it took me much longer to stitch than normal. I won’t bother posting a progress piccie until I’ve stitched a bit more on them. Once I’ve finished my 10 hours rotation I’ll get my current RR piece stitched, then I need to work on my final exchange for a while – the scissor fob exchange on the Robin’s Nest BB. Then in the New Year I’m committed to another Quaker RR with some close online buddies, so I won’t be taking on any other stitching commitments while that’s underway.

Rightio, off to get dinner cracking, then the dishes, then kitting up a new small project for a gift … the Dratteds can wait a day or so 😉

13 thoughts on “Project #2 out of 50 totally finished”

  1. Wow Anne you are going great with your 50 projects. This one looks very nice.
    I love your flatfold from an earlier post too. I am making one myself at the moment.

  2. What a lovely needleroll Anne. You’re doing well on your 50 finish goal.

    I’m thinking I might join in, but instead I’ll do 25, I don’t think I’d ever 50 done. Still thinking about it though.

  3. Your needleroll (like all your stitching) is beautiful! Was sorry to read about your recent health scare, make sure you take things easy for a while.

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