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One commitment done

I can cross one “must do” off my list for the next week or so – I just put the finishing stitches into Vash’s RR … this is using the freebie “Birds & Butterflies” on the Vermillion website. The main challenge for me was stitching my XS’es in the opposite direction – I’ve never frogged so much in my entire life in such a small design … it’s just 2nd nature for me to cross my crosses my old way! I think it turned out OK, though, and it’ll be winging its way across the oceans to Canada some time over the next week.

We had a surprise phone call yesterday saying my lounge suite is ready for delivery, so we’ll be home tomorrow for that … unfortunately, though, we still have our old one here, so it’s gonna be pretty cramped until we can get rid of it. I’ve offered it to Fraze, as he and his girlfriend have just moved in together two weeks ago, and he’s accepted it … he just has to work out how to pick it up as he doesn’t have a car or trailer … if that falls down, then I’ll donate it to the Salvation Army.

Aside from that, my health has been so-so over the last day or so – after being so ‘cocky’ that I felt good the other day, we popped out for an hour or so to Ikea getting ideas for storage, and I ended up coming home with a splitting headache, and even more splitting tummy pains … no stitching for me that night, and I just spent the rest of the night curled up on the sofa feeling like death warmed up. My tummy was still gurgling last night, but thankfully no pains this time … time will tell over the next day or so, I guess, whether I’ve managed to get rid of whatever it was for good!

Now a quick question for Jess., if you’re reading – thanks for your comment about Stitchery Blue in Williamstown … I have to admit, I took a train trip out there once when I was here visiting – but I haven’t been back since I’ve moved here. My absolute favourite would probably be Lazy Daisy in Heidelberg – I also really like Bustle & Bows in Malvern (and to a certain extent the one in Surrey Hills), but I find their prices quite steep … also the last time I went in the new manager followed me around the shop like a shadow and I felt really uncomfortable – I haven’t been back since hmmm. I also like The Embroiderer in Brighton for threads, but they lack greatly in charts – they’re pretty helpful to order in items if you need them, though. You mentioned “Broderie” in Bentleigh – do you know where it is?? I haven’t heard of it before, and I’d love to track it down, especially as it’s in my neck of the woods, and I couldn’t find it in the Yellow Pages online … 😀
Well, that’ll do for today, I guess – it’s blowing a gale outside today, but it’s beautiful and sunny, and I feel like blowing the cobwebs out by going for a short walk … then we need to get furniture moved around ready for the delivery tomorrow – I can’t wait to see my new lounge suite in here yippee! 😀

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  1. Hi Anne, Thanks, am thrilled you posted about those other shops. Boderie is on top of a quilt shop called Amitie. Site has their details and newsletter, it’s newish. Would love a review once you have been – it’s quite out of my way.

  2. Hope you feel better soon Anne.

    If you ever have to stitch in the opposite way again, just turn your fabric (and chart!) sideways (1 quarter turn) and stitch normally 🙂 Much easier than trying to remember to cross in the other direction.

  3. You poor gal! Tummy problems are the worst. Make sure you take it easy and don’t push too hard. That can be tough to do when you think you’re feeling better, of course. 🙂 I hope you’ll take pictures of your new lounge suite once everything’s settled and the old furniture is gone.

  4. Congrats on the RR finish, it is beautiful! I’ve stitched the “wrong way” for a RR and it sure isn’t easy. Bless you for giving it a go!

  5. Wow, congratulations on the early arrival of your new furniture – what a treat! Sorry you feel poorly, and hope you feel better soon! That’s a cute little RR block – well done!

  6. Love your RR block, very nice.

    Great news on the lounge suite too.

    And I really hope that you are feeling a lot better Anne.

  7. Hi Anne,
    I’m trying to catch up on blog reading too after our vacation. Your poor system has really had a tough time since Hong Kong. Do take care and prayers that you are feeling 100% soon!!
    Loved seeing your great projects. 😀

  8. The bird looks wonderful Anne. You didn’t need to match your stitches to mine either, I’d have been happy whichever way you’d stitched.

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