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No stitching to report this morning, as it’s all been shown already … later today I’ll be working on Vash’s RR piece, which will be a challenge as it’s all stitched the opposite way to me – I’ve never had to change the direction of my XS’es so that’ll be a first for me. It’s mounted on the scroll bars, with the threads all in floss bags, so I’m ready to get going as soon as I’m home. I’ve also been reading through the chart for the Lavender Rose Sewing Case so I can get started with this SAL, then I need to get my 3 hours of Bordeaux Sampler done for the week … not to mention my exchanges … crikey!

Today I’m off to pick up two weeks worth of mail from the PO Box and to get two parcels in the mail. Also tossing up whether to take a side trip out to the Cat Protection Society, seeing as my tummy has now eased up – I managed to eat a big meal two nights ago, and retained everything in my body like it’s supposed to, and didn’t have to rush off to the loo whatsoever yesterday … I think I’m cured!! 😉

Anyway, I realised I’m outstanding with a couple of queries that were in comments recently, so here we go …

For Anita – regarding the pansy scissor fob … unfortunately it was from a class I took at La Chatelaine in Auckland, New Zealand, and isn’t available as a chart. It should be relatively easy to copy, though, if you enlarge the photo. It used Brazilian cast-on stitch for the petals, close fly stitch for the leaves, feather stitch for the ‘stems’, and a french or colonial knot in the centre of the pansy with a few straight stitches. The sides were done with palestrina knots. Sorry I can’t help more with that one.

For Heather – on the Teddy Santa Stocking, the beard is just done with straight stitches … very very simple, but very very effective. I just made sure I railroaded the stitches to get them to lay flat and even.

For Jenna/Erin – thanks heaps for the offer to pick up scissors for me 🙂 I’ll definitely stick my hand up if I need to, thanks ladies 😀

Could I also take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads and comments – it means a great deal to me … plus I’d like to welcome my newer readers – I’ll be popping over to return the favour very soon (I have 600+ unread feeds in my inbox, though, since I was away on holidays hmmm).

And I’ll finish off with a photo of a couple of HKG souvenirs I bought … just for a change, I found duckies!!! ROTFLMAO!!! Even though I have quite a few already, I can remember where I bought each and every one, and this little Nici duck will always remind me of my time in HKG … then I was walking out of the store and spied the mug with ducks on it, and just had to take that home too! My final purchase from the airport was this little Chinese tea set. I’d been eyeing a set up in a local store, but decided not to get it … then succumbed in the last few minutes before boarding our flight home – it’ll be nice to drink my green teas in. And as Mum said, it’s got dragons on it, so it’ll bring back memories of my holiday with her LOL.

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  1. Have started reading your blog recently – am enjoying your stitching adventures. Just wondering if you have been to “Broderie” in Bentleigh. Worth going to?
    Also, if you do ferry over to Williamstown, do visit “Stitchery Blue.”

  2. Your duck mug and the tea set are lovely Anne.
    Thank you for letting me know what the stitch was, it’s so affective and doesn’t look like it’s just a simple straight stitch.

  3. The tea set and duck mug are lovely
    The needleroll of Jeannette Douglas looks great too. Have it in my stash, just need time to stitch it.

  4. I just had a peak down at the great photos from your trip to Hong Kong with your Mum – looks like you had a fantastic time! Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather since your return. Very cute duckies though!

  5. Oh, how ducky! LOL. Really, though, what a nice set of holiday remembrances. I’m so glad that you had a wonderful time with your mum. 🙂

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