Last post from down, down under…

Well, it’s my second to last night here before I wing my way back ‘across the ditch’ … it’s been an interesting day in more ways than one. I parcelled up 126kg (yikes!) of books and magazine ripouts etc, as well as my mat-cutter for freighting home – I get a substantial staff discount on freight, and managed to get a price that is ‘just above cost’ which is great. It means I’ll be spending Thursday at the airport again, though, going to Qantas Freight, then Customs, then Quarantine, then back to Qantas Freight again before picking up my 9 boxes from the freight terminal – then I have to lug 126kg up 3 floors to my little home … at least when they’re home I can pick through them and work out what I’m going to keep, and what I’m going to get rid of, with no time constraints like I have here. And I’ll hopefully get back a lot of the freight costs if I decide to sell on Ebay etc … maybe 😉

The other interesting thing that happened today is that I started feeling a tiny bit ‘homesick’ again … for Auckland – or, more truthfully, for the people I used to work with and socialise with. I went into the city again tonight and went to my old place of work (same airline I work for now) – it surprised me how much I enjoyed seeing everyone again, and it felt good to have so many people come up to me and give me hugs and tell me how much I’m missed … hence the little tug at the heartstrings for the ‘familiarity of home’. That doesn’t mean I want to move back again, though – I’m sure I’ll feel better again when I get back into the routines in Melbourne … but I think I should come over and visit more often to keep in touch with everyone. I went for drinks at the Shakespeare Tavern with three of my biggest pals (one made a special drive in for the occasion, as she works at the airport now, which is wonderful that she came in) – then two of them had to head home early due to ferries and family commitments, and Tara and I went to the Late Night Cafe in Ponsonby Road for dinner and coffees, which was fantastic. It was so nice to see all the familiar faces and have a gossip about people we all know. It’s now 1am, and I thought I’d quickly drop a line on the blog while I got chance before I hit the hay.

Mum finished her first little XS yesterday – but because the dial-up connection is so abysmal here, I’ve been ordered to take it home with me and put a photo on my blog when I get home haha. She’s so proud of her first attempt, and she will soon have her very first ornament to put on her ‘swag’ I brought from Melbourne for her ready for Christmas. I started my mail art exchange yesterday, but of course can’t show piccies until it’s received … and I won’t get chance to stitch now until I get home – hmmm I think my expectations for stitching here for definitely a bit high – I think Mum’s stitched more than I have! LOL.

Anyway, I’ll chat more when I get home in two days time – I can’t wait to get back into the blogs and see what everyone’s been up to … will have to dive back into everyone’s archives, it’s been so long since I’ve been reading properly oops …

Well, better get to sleep, as I have to be up semi-early to drive to the North Shore in the morning, where I’ll be getting to meet some more blogging pals face-to-face – I’m really looking forward to meeting Nicki and Kerry in the flesh 😀 Will have to give an update when I get home … especially as we’re meeting at one of my old favourite LNS there … and I want to buy a couple of things (NZ charts especially to remind me of home). Better get to sleep, anyway, as I’m getting cross-eyed, and probably not making much sense anymore …

4 thoughts on “Last post from down, down under…”

  1. Hi Anne – Sorry to hear that your trip home is coming to an end, but it sounds like you have had a fabulous time! How cool that you were able to meet some blogging friends today!

    Safe travels…

  2. Anne-one of the reasons I hate going back home is that feeling you leave behind, of being with people that know your history. You don’t have to explain anything, they already “know” everything. It does sound like you enjoyed your trip and got your mum hooked on stitching. Good job! Have a safe trip back across the “ditch”.

  3. There’s nothing quite like being back home with the folks who’ve known you since ‘way back when.’ Have a safe trip home, and tip us off you sell on eBay! LOL!

  4. What fun it was to catch up with your old chums. 😀 Know you’ll have just as much fun with the bloggers!!
    Safe journey home, Anne.

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