Not much longer left in NZ

I have to admit, it’s been an interesting time in different ways here – it’s surprising that Auckland doesn’t really feel like ‘home’ to me anymore, so I guess that means I’m definitely pretty settled in Melbourne. There have also been some unexpected adventures that I forgot to write about the other day …

On Wednesday Mum and I went into Auckland city (ie downtown), where I had an appointment with my old Physiotherapist, Guy. We caught the 10.10am train to give us plenty of time to get there, with some time to sit and have a coffee or do a bit of shopping … or so we thought! After about two stops, the Conductor came through to announce that we could only travel as far as Penrose, as there had been a body found by the tracks, and they’d stopped train traffic while they investigate … so we were sat for 3/4 hour waiting for a bus to turn up to take us into town – welcome back to Auckland, Anne, have a bit of excitement to start your holiday haha. Luckily I just made my appointment with 2 whole minutes to spare … although Guy said he would have fitted me in somehow anyway seeing as I’d come across the ditch for my appointment. Hopefully my neck is all fixed up again for another 12 months 🙂

Since then I have managed to retrieve my patience again with Dad – I think I was just upset that he made such a pig’s ear of Mum’s birthday. I’ve just been trying not to think about it, and chill out on the whole … and last night we went out for dinner to very dear friends of the family (they’re like my actual family, as we all emigrated together from England all those years ago, and we’ve all grown up together) – it was awesome to spend time with Auntie Heather and Uncle John, Glenn and Tracey and the kids Danial and Bradley – it felt like we haven’t been apart, we’re that close. Dad, as usual, didn’t go, but Mum and I had a ball and didn’t get home until almost midnight much to Dad’s surprise and disgust haha – I actually took some XS to do, but didn’t even pick it up, we were too busy chattering away all night. Our second adventure took place last night, though – while we were outside on the deck chatting by the gas furnace, the garage was broken into and we worked out John’s weedeater and leaf blower were both stolen … right from under our noses. We heard some small noises, thinking the cats had got into the garage, and the security light went on – but by the time John went round to investigate no-one was to be seen … it was only as we were leaving that we realised things had been stolen hmmm.

As for today, it’s back in the garage for me again … managed to clear out about 6 boxes worth of ‘stuff’ for the bin – there are all sorts of things like old bank statements etc that I’ve just been throwing out, as well as glassware etc all getting parcelled up for the Salvation Army. I think it’ll take at least another 6 trips over here to get it all finished haha. The priority is done, though – my XS stuff teehee. Oh well, at least Mum and Dad aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it can all just stay in storage – thank goodness 🙂

Rightio, back to it again as not much time left before I fly home – then I’m off tomorrow to catch up with my old workmates in Auckland city, then hopefully to meet up with Nicki and Kerry with a LNS fix at The Embroiderer on Tuesday … then it’s “Home James” on Wednesday probably – where did the time go??

3 thoughts on “Not much longer left in NZ”

  1. Hi Anne,
    Here I am catchin up again! What a time you’re having back in NZ, some good, some bad. At least you’re getting through your boxes and seeing lots of friends. Keep enjoying your time with your Mum and don’t let Dad get to you. 😀 Hugs!

  2. Whew! Adventures in Auckland, eh? I’m glad that you are enjoying yourself. 🙂 Have a safe trip home, okay?

  3. Hi Anne! I just saw you have been blogging! Blogrolling has not been updating you in my blog, though – argh! Sounds like it has been an interesting return to NZ for you…. gosh! Have a safe trip home!!

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