Feel better today…

… After my venting yesterday, I had a good night’s sleep, and felt much more able to ignore the aggro of yesterday … I was so drained, I hit the hay at 8.30pm, so got a full 8 hours sleep last night yippee. I also called Mum and moaned at her for a full hour, so that also helped get it out of my system … much to my disgust she thought the stories were quite funny hmmm. I have to admit, some of the calls I get really ARE funny as they’re so downright outrageous … and I can usually smile through them … but my patience ran out yesterday after having two full weeks of the same aggressive attitude. And to top it all off, my first call of the day today was yet ANOTHER one – thankfully it was at the start of the day, and the rest of the day was a challenging time, but more mentally than emotionally, so I was quite perky at the end of the day (I just LOVE a good mental challenge!).

Thanks so much for all the positive comments – have to admit, that joke is definitely well suited to “any” working trade/group! I wish I could share the ‘actual’ stories with you, as you wouldn’t believe some of the rubbish we get … and some would give you a serious giggle!

Anyway, the good news is that I finally got my latest stitching in the mail tonight – both my Batman logo and my Biscornu exchange package will soon be in transit to their relevant destinations – yippee! That’s a huge relief … I don’t know whether I like this commitment stitching malarky!! (wow, there’s a bit of my English heritage coming out haha) – it’s really hard to juggle your time!

Only one more 6am shift left this week, then two 10am’s – I have Sunday and Monday off this week, but spending part of Sunday doing a charity walk for Breast Cancer. Work even donated us t-shirts to wear if we signed up … the entry fee is $24, but I think it’s a really worthy cause, and my stitching time that I’m giving up will be put to good use ;P Then on Monday I need to get my scissor fob ready for my StitchNZ exchange (if I haven’t managed to do it before then) … leaving my Mail Art exchange left – but that might be a challenge to be met in NZ while I’m visiting Mum (don’t think I’m going to have time to fit it in before I fly out, as that D-day is only 11 days away now). When I get home, I’m getting back into my rotation – regardless of what my schedule is like … I’m getting a serious urge to get back to my ‘normal’ stitching – so my rotation will look like this in order of stitching (the only thing I may change is to have two focus pieces – Dolphins Domain and Bordeaux Mystery Sampler):

  • Focus piece (1) – Dolphins Domain
  • Smalls/ornaments – last Christmas ornie RR, and Bunnies in my Garden SAL
  • Charity blocks – Racing cars and Dragon
  • Canvaswork – Jen’s Jems
  • Focus piece (2) – Dolphins Domain or Bordeaux Mystery Sampler
  • UFO (mystery) – yet to be decided
  • Smalls/ornaments – Christmas ornie with WFBB, and Bunnies in my Garden or Strawberries So Faire
  • Mirabilia/L&L – Winter Queen
  • Focus piece (1) – Dolphins Domain
  • Band Samplers – Bordeaux Mystery Sampler or Le Jardin Silk Sampler
  • Finishing items – flat-fold (snowman) and Bunnies in my Garden (hopefully)
  • Smalls/ornaments – Strawberries So Faire
  • Focus piece (2) – Dolphins Domain or Bordeaux Mystery Sampler
  • Kits & Classes – (undecided as yet)
  • UFO’s (chosen) – Nature’s Resting Place
  • Quilting/Stumpwork – (might use for extra SAL slot if necessary this rotation)
  • Free choice – (undecided as yet)

11 thoughts on “Feel better today…”

  1. Hello Anne,

    I know what you mean about the outrageous comments/demands Customer Care Representatives deal with. I’m in the call center industry here and it can certainly be very difficult at times. Glad to hear today was a better day.

    Good luck with getting back on your rotation and finishing your committment stitching. Your batman logo was very cute!

  2. I knew things would smooth out a little bit, eventually. It can be both a good thing and a bad thing to have a challenge so early in the day, but it sounds like you didn’t have any problems having enough energy to make the whole way through.

    Commitment stitching is tough if you get in over your head. I’ve done the same thing and you really start to resent it. If you attack it with exchanges or the like that have deadlines much further apart, then you don’t feel totally overloaded. It’s a lesson I really need to learn myself! LOL

  3. Was sorry to hear about all the harrassment you receive in your work, it’s definately not right. It’s sad that people forget that it’s a real person on the other end and how would they feel if the situation was reversed. Glad you are doing better now!

    Your batman square is fantastic! Love the backstitching you came up with it was a perfect addition. 😀

    Hope you have a great week and weekend!

  4. Hi Anne, sorry to hear about your awful day yesterday, and having a few myself this week, I can only say that tomorrow is another day. What a relief that we can turn to our stitching for therapy 🙂 hugs

  5. Hi Anne – I tried to post yesterday, but Blogger wasn’t cooperating!

    You really had an awful day yesterday! I actually had to laugh though because I used to encounter similar frustrations when I worked in Customer Care for NW/KL. Believe me – the issues are the same no matter which airline you work for! Don’t take any of it personally and remember the situations where you dealt with customers who were so grateful that they had the opportunity to speak with YOU. IMHO – that’s what makes it all worth it!

    Hang in there!

  6. Hi Anne, just catching up on your work dramas. I think Qantas ought to take a leaf out of America’s Southwest Airlines. They give people a terrific deal, but the boss makes it clear that his employees come first, even if it means dismissing customers. But aren’t customers always right? “No they are not. That is one of the biggest betrayals of employees a boss can commit. The customer is often wrong. We don’t want those sorts of customers. We say: Fly with somebody else. Don’t abuse our people”.
    (This was in Reader’s Digest in 1995, and I have copied it hundreds of times over and sent it to people who work with the public!)

  7. Hope that your day is better. Most of the time I have had helpful Customer Service and I am always thankful to them and let them know. But every once in awhile I get soneone working that isn’t quite so happy to help or is downrifht rude. Then I get cranky and start yelling at Customer Service. I think for the most part Customer Service people can be wonderful just like most customers can be wonderful, but there is a few out there that make it hard all around.

  8. Anne,we’re all human and even your delightful sense of humor has limits on the abuse it can take. I’m glad you were able to get some good sleep and face the day smiling again. Enjoy your weekend and especially your volunteer work! Good for you. 😀

  9. I’m off to mail my biscornu this morning, too! I am so happy to get that one done. I have two more birthdays and a one on one exchange, however, to finish up. I agree that obligation stitching (while fun in the end) can take up a lot of your stitching time and for me–leave no time for my own stitching. I always say I won’t do anymore, but I seem to be weak in this area and agree to more. It wouldn’t be bad, but I am not timing things well at all–maybe one exchange a quarter or something. Anyway, hope you get back to your own stitching soon, too!

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