Batman outline – free to use

I’ve been as busy as a beaver today, after wasting almost the entirety of yesterday! I spent almost the entire day searching for a round robin choice for my upcoming RR, and have got a couple of options, but nothing that jumps out and says “stitch me!”. It was nice to chat to Mum for a couple of hours as well, too, yesterday – I have to admit that because I spend the entire working day chained to a headset/phone, I abhor spending time on it when I get home … Mum’s pretty much the only exception to that – and she usually works out pretty quickly when I’m not in a chatty mood haha ;P

I managed to fit in a bit of laundry yesterday, but really did waste the entire day with nothing to show for it … so today I tried to make up for lost time! I spent the morning putting out my clothes on the clotheshorse, then sat down to chart out my Batman logo etc for my quilt block, and starting the stitching – didn’t get too far, but I’ll do a bit more tonight, and hope to have it finished and in the post for Wed/Thu this week. I also made a big saucepan full of stew, so that’ll keep me in evening meals for a couple of nights, and no more cooking needed for a while yippee!! I also popped up the road and bought some groceries, and did some photocopying at Officeworks. Now I’m back home again, and just waiting for the stew to finish off, then I’ll be back in the recliner again snuggled under a lap blanket, doing some more Batman stitching, and watching TV. Because my Batman logo is quite narrow, I decided to pad out the block slightly, and designed my own Batman outline in backstitching. I doubt that any of you will have any use for it, but feel free to use at your will – this was purely out of my own head, so there’s no breach of copyright etc 🙂

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Rightio, off to get set up for stitching for the night – as you can see, I didn’t get much achieved this morning, so I need to get a bit more done tonight – mind you, I’m on 6am shifts all week this week, so I need to have an early night … perhaps 2 more hours of stitching will be it today …

5 thoughts on “Batman outline – free to use”

  1. That’s very generous of you to share your Batman logo – your stitched piece looks lovely. I may borrow this to make for Max’s teacher … last year I made her the Superman logo for being a “super teacher”, so I could keep it in a sort of theme. 😉

    Thank you for your kindness & support. It is deeply appreciated.

  2. Wow! That’s really neat. I haven’t tried to design anything. It’s stitching up really nicely.

    Sounds like you got lots of work done! Thanks for offering the batman logo. That was really nice of you.

  3. Excellent outline Anne! Congratulations – that little boy is going to be thrilled!!

    Oh, I missed you so much at Celebrations!!! We need a needlework festival somewhere for bloggers, don’t we??? Oh gosh, we need you to come up to New Hampshire next May for the festival! It is just tooooo much fun!

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