One deadline met!

Yep, today has been a great day for me, and the result is that one parcel is sitting in my work bag ready to go to the Post Office tomorrow – my Melanie’s Exchange from the SBEBB is going to be winging it’s way to it’s new home tomorrow … it has a fair way to travel, so I thought I’d send it straightaway. It feels great to have one of my deadlines met … the other one is “almost” there, but I forgot to buy the buttons for my biscornu (8-cornered tuffet pincushion), so I couldn’t put the finishing touches on it. I have to say it’s turned out to be HUGE … oops! Definitely bigger than I anticipated it would be, but it looks OK – hopefully the recipient won’t mind it being so huge! I certainly don’t have time to stitch another one! That means it will only take about 10 minutes to finish off once the buttons are bought, so that will be another parcel that can go out in the post probably on Monday – yippee!!

So, this weekend I’ll be concentrating on my Batman logo – with any luck I’ll get the whole thing finished over the weekend, as I have no other commitments for a change. That will be a huge sigh of relief you’ll be hearing when that final stitch goes into that quilt block! Anyway, it’s now after midnight, so time to call it a night … thanks for your quick responses on my decision about the Bordeaux Sampler fabric – I think you’ve all talked me into it, and I’m going to use what I already have. I think it helped to have the vote of confidence from you that it was a good decision 😀 Thanks heaps & heaps for that 😀

Hope you’re all having a good week … I managed to read a couple of blogs today, but haven’t been commenting – I refuse to mark any feeds as read until I’ve read them, though … and hopefully after this weekend and having the pressure taken off from my deadlines, I’ll be able to get back to blogging daily again 🙂

10 thoughts on “One deadline met!”

  1. Well done on getting your exchange piece finished. Can’t wait to see a piccie.

    I have a couple of things I need to get parcelled up, to post next week too. Nothing I’ve stitched though, so that’s ok.

  2. Congrats on finishing your pillow!!
    I definitely miss your frequent blogging, but I haven’t been able to read as often as usual. Guess it’s spring here and life just gets hectic. 😀

  3. Oooh I hope we get to see a pic of the “huge” biscornu. I really want to try one some day soon. I think a bigger one would be pretty neat.

    Have a wonderful weekend of stitching.

  4. Congratulations Anne! Those exchange deadlines really did sneak up out of nowhere, didn’t they? I’m hoping to finish mine this weekend. 🙂

    Have a great weekend; I hope you have good weather, or at least good stitching weather. 😉

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