It’s been a great day today

I don’t know why, but I feel really positive today … maybe because I’ve finally beaten those revolting bugs I’ve had – apart from being a bit headachey and sinusey (but only in a small way), I feel on top of the world. I’ve been receiving the FlyLady emails for approx 8 months, but today is the first day I actually put the ‘zone’ work into action. I’ve also planned my menu for tomorrow in advance, including lunch and dinner. I used to do this religiously in the old household, to the point I think the guys thought I was a bit anally retentive about it – I had the whole week’s menus planned out in advance, had most of the food shopping done, and made lunches for us too … since moving out I’ve been very lazy with my home chores and just haven’t bothered just for me. I also only spent a quick few minutes online checking my incoming emails, then walked away from the computer to get my chores done – I’ve got a really bad habit of sitting plonked here for hours, then getting too tired to get anything done … including cooking dinner!

One of my girlfriends at work today commented that perhaps it’s because I have ‘certainty’ in my job now, that all the clutter that’s been in my brain has disappeared, and I feel more settled and in control … I think maybe that has a lot to do with it. For the last year or so, especially, I’ve been ‘on call’ with work, and haven’t been able to plan anything due to shifts changing every few weeks, sometimes with just a week’s notice – now I know I have a stable roster happening from 3 May, it’s wonderful. I’ve also managed to face a few demons regarding my old living situation and come to peace with a few issues over the last few months. You might remember that over a month ago I joined Weight Watchers through work – I still haven’t lost any weight on it … partly to do with the fact I’ve had visitors every couple of weeks, and partly the fact that I haven’t been motivated to count my points or plan in advance, and haven’t been eating enough each day … I feel back on track in that way too – I just hope it will continue.

Perhaps this is the new phase of my life on the whole becoming more ‘in control’ … the only thing out of control is perhaps my embroidery stash LOL. Mum said to me the other day, “you have enough” … Mum, I said, you NEVER have enough! She couldn’t understand what I meant, until I said it’s like your fabrics (she does dressmaking) – it doesn’t matter how much you own, there’s always another bolt of fabric that you just HAVE to have … the penny then dropped, and she understood what I meant … for me part of the joy is just poring through my stash of charts – even if I never stitch a 10th of those charts, the sheer enjoyment of flipping through them is immeasurable. When I head home next month, I’m looking to flicking through all my folders and working out which charts to bring home next … but I also might cost up how much it would be to freight them all over here, including my Inspirations and Embroidery & XS magazines and embroidery books … perhaps then is the time to have a throw-out session – I also know I want to chuck out/put up for trade some of my L&L charts, as I’ll never stitch them in this lifetime.

The great thing as well, is that Mum found my duck charts I’d been desperate for – I really want to have a duck-theme for my RR that Renee’s organising, and these charts are a perfect size (designed for an afghan) … woohoo, I have DUCKS coming!! (Yes, hard to accept, but I have even more duck charts than those Mum posted last time – duck mad? Yes, certified duck fiend!!) 😀

Can you tell I have no stitching progress to report? Yup, ‘cos I’m rambling on again … it’s already 8pm, and I still have a few things to complete for tomorrow, so I’ll sign off. Tomorrow night there is a Guild meeting on in the evening that I could go to … I wonder if I have the courage/inclination … I guess tomorrow I’ll make my mind up. I can take one of my exchange pieces to stitch there … hmmm, decisions decisions …

I’ll leave you with a photo of the Twelve Apostles, on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia (my current ‘home turf’ … but one of the rocks has since disappeared, so I guess it’s now the ‘Eleven Apostles’ LOL).

10 thoughts on “It’s been a great day today”

  1. It is nice to see you have things ‘within your reach’ again.. I know how how feel re your work situation… Today I found out that I shall be working full time too.. I feel like this major weight has been lifted off my shoulders… Take care now and I will talk to you soon…

  2. Feeling like you have more control of your life makes a huge difference to ones wellbeing. I know when my visa situation was sorted out I felt infinitely better. ((Hugs)). Looking forward to seeing those duck patterns! Everytime you mention ducks I have this vision of the Ogdens(?) on Coro St with those ducks on their living room wall lol!

  3. I can almost “hear” the relief in your writing. I’m so glad things are looking up. Oh, and I’m glad she found the ducks. lol

  4. Anne- you sound so upbeat in your post; I’m so happy for you. I certainly can relate to your stash issue (LOL) and like you, will never ever be able to stitch it all – but it is fun to look at!

    Have a wonderful day! Beautiful picture of the 12 Apostles!

  5. It’s lovely to hear you so upbeat again, Anne! I’ve been feeling really good lately, too. I’m so glad that things are starting to settle down so that you can get into a routine. I’m sure that’s going to alleviate your stress. And planning your meals will help you with your weight loss goals. 🙂

  6. Anne~ I feel the same way about my stash. Half the fun is to just sit through and look at all the lovely pics over and over and plan to one day, may be even stitch some of these.

    Love the picture you posted!

  7. You’re really sounding upbeat in this post! Glad to hear that you’re feeling good about things again. DH says he understands my stash but everytime I order/buy another chart he looks over to where my charts are stored. He doesn’t do it when I order/buy fabric, floss or charms…..
    Love the picture of the apostles. This may sound dim…but the missing one…did it get eroded away by the ocean or just drowned?

  8. I get the Flylady emails too, but have trouble getting to the zone work. But if I can do something in each zone each week and keep up with my dishes and laundry, I feel like I’m succeeding, lol!
    Glad you’re feeling so spunky. Am sure we’ll be hearing more good things about WW and your shrinking waistline real soon! 🙂

  9. Sounds like you are on the right track and I hope it continues for you! You are too good about Flylady – it’s a great program but I fell off the wagon and haven’ managed to find my way back! Hope you get back to stitching soon and share your progress!

  10. Glad to hear things are going so well for you Anne! I hope the trend continues. :o)

    I unpacked my stash this week and I feel the same as you – I just love to look through it all! It is better than a picture book.

    I enjoy your blog!

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