SBQ and Ebay is my friend … (updated)

Just realised, I hadn’t answered last week’s SBQ, so here goes:

Today’s SBQ was suggested by Carol and is:

“For those of you that stitch while riding in the car or on the train, how do you cope with the bumps and the motion? Do you have any tips for others?”

Um, that’s easy to answer – I definitely don’t stitch in the car, and never tried it on the train … mainly because of motion sickness. I’ve stitched on a plane occasionally, but that’s it … so I can’t share any tips, I’m sorry.

Well, last night I managed to get some stitching done while watching rubbish DVD’s … ended up with a bad headache, which carried over to this morning. It’s now 3pm, and I’m only just starting to get moving on the day, after blobbing out in front of the computer for an hour. Still no stitching progress to share, as I was working on one of my exchange pieces – I’ve been doing a dummy run of something I pieced together from different sources, and it seems to look OK in the colour I’m using at the moment … fingers crossed it’ll look OK in the threads I’ve been given to use – I’m about to find out! Yesterday I also put together my first pinkeep, but I don’t have any ribbon yet, so I’ll wait until it’s totally finished before showing the piccie of it.

Rightio, nothing else to report, so I’ll toddle off and make a cup of tea to liven me up, and get a bit more stitching done while it’s still daylight.

Kali, the graphics for the progress bars are just static ones, as you say … I’ve got them saved so I just have to change the % number in the data coding, and it automatically picks up the correct image, as they’re all listed in 5% increments – pretty simple, really 🙂

Thanks for the comments for my sidebar instructions – hopefully they make sense, and I look forward to doing a blog browse soon to see what you’ve come up with ;P

And I’ll finally finish with some Ebay wins I had over the Easter break, for an unbelievably nominal amount! I feel almost embarrassed at the price I won these for, and the majority of my wins are from one seller here in Melbourne, who charges AU$5.00 regardless of the number of items you win – yikes! I’ve been avoiding Ebay like the plague recently due to finances, but I succumbed to the temptation when I saw just how cheaply they were going for – and a few of them are for my charity block stitching. So, here were my biggest steals, along with the price (in Australian dollars – and all hyperlinked to piccies I found on the ‘net):

Purple Heart – Welshy (dragon) (kit) $2.00
PINN – Beautiful Thai Salutation (kit) (to stitch for a gift) $12.50
PINN – Little Mermaid (kit) $5.50
PINN – Tibetan Mastiff (kit) $4.25
PINN – Yorkshire Terrier (kit) $2.00
PINN – Pixie Bob (kit) $2.00
Victoria Sampler – International Hearts Ireland (kit) $2.00
Victoria Sampler – International Hearts New Zealand (kit) $2.00
Shepherd’s Bush – Millennium needleroll (kit) $6.05
Victoria Sampler – Good Friends (chart) $2.25
Victoria Sampler – Rose Arbour (chart) $4.76
Victoria Sampler – Crowning Glory (chart) $2.25
Victoria Sampler – Antique Lace (chart) $2.25
Victoria Sampler – Heart to Heart (chart) $3.76
Lorri Birmingham – A Stitcher’s Needleroll (kit) US$3.99
DC Comics Super Heroes (chart – with Batman logo – I was REALLY keen to get this for charity stitching) US$7.67

I only went on Ebay to see if any needleroll charts were on offer … perhaps a good thing I did … or perhaps not, considering I’m not supposed to be buying any stash! LOL. But I figure for such a paltry sum, it was too good a bargain to miss, and I especially love Victoria Sampler charts – but I’ve paid approx $20.00 in the past for one Thea’s designs locally, so this was an absolute basement bargain! After this lot, Ebay is going back on the banned list for a while LOL.

Have to admit, though, thanks to Katrina starting the monthly needleroll SAL, I’ve been searching designs for needlerolls, and I’ve fallen in love with a number of charts I wouldn’t have otherwise seen … I also found some charts online today by Paw Printings – wow, is all I can say! Some of their band sampler/egg designs are exquisite … heck, my fingers had better get cracking and getting some stitching done so I can justify another splurge later in the year! LOL. Talking of which, back to it again for the night …

13 thoughts on “SBQ and Ebay is my friend … (updated)”

  1. I agree with Barbara, that’s highway robbery! 😉 Congratulations on such a nice set of acquisitions. I have my eBay binges every so often, too. Most of the time, I try to steer clear of it unless I’m really searching for something in particular. It’s just too tempting!

  2. Gosh, what lovely stash!!! and I agree with the others, I think we all have our “eBay binges” from time to time. (I know I do!) Hmmm….I may have to go look for that Victoria Sampler “Ireland” pattern myself now… *evil grin*

  3. that’s some stash you hauled off. Hope the headache is gone by now or soon. I know your pain. I’ve had a tension headache since yesterday morning. Won’t fully go away.

  4. You should have a look in my webshots. User is judiromi and look in my finishes over the years. You will find a lot of needlerolls there.
    Also I think the progressbars work, not totally sure as someone said she couldn’t see them.

  5. Ebay is such fun…sigh…I have put myself on the Wagon this month and that also means, no Ebay browsing. I’m definitely in withdrawal, so its fun to live vicariously through other people’s stash enhancing. Thanks!

  6. What an excellent stash collection – great prices too. I must have a really good look at some of the sellers and check out the Aussie ones…a bit closer to home.

  7. Hi Anne: wonderful E-bay stash enhancers! Stash can get really of hand — but, our taste in stitching changes & it is tough to pass a bargain. And, who can stop kicking themselves for passing up that pattern & then finding it out of print? hmmm … I say, get it, stitch it, enjoy it.

  8. Anne, what a mood lifter getting all that great stash at a fabulous price!! You’ll have a ball stitching all those wonderful things. 😀

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