Awesome stash haul !!!

And the best part is that it didn’t cost me a cent! Well, OK, it did if I include the cost of the postage … I mentioned that I wanted to do some more charity stitching, but a lot of my old charts were still in NZ, so I gave Mum some of the themes from the Quilts4Kids site, and she hunted through my charts for some options for me … as well as sending some duck charts I asked for. Unfortunately the actual duck ones I wanted were missing in action, so Mum has been sent on another hunting mission into the garage … a place that lesser women would quake in fear of! It’s not a mission that Mum’s looking forward to, but I really really wanted those specific charts for an upcoming round robin (my first one ever) … if they don’t turn up soon, I guess I’ll have to choose another theme, and goodness knows what that will be. I have to have my piece ready to ship by at least 1 July, so my decision will have to be made soon. There are a few charts among this pile that won’t be used for charity blocks, but it’s nice to have them here ‘in case they’re ever needed’ 🙂

This is just a short post, as I’m pretty wrecked tonight … dunno why, but I just feel a bit run-down still. I survived my first day shift today, every last 24 minutes of it LOL – wasn’t too bad, I guess … the job is the same as I’ve been doing for months anyway, so the 24 minutes extra is the only difference really. Haven’t heard from my friends that are supposed to be arriving this weekend – in fact, haven’t heard from them since early February … who knows if the visit is still happening! To be honest, I’m hoping it isn’t, as I could really enjoy the 4 days of Easter off all to myself so I can concentrate on some stitching etc … ah, bliss indeed! I guess time will tell whether I get a surprise phone call saying they’re 5 minutes away from my doorstep …

And in keeping with the Greek theme this week, here’s my final photo for the week (you’re probably grateful just about all my photos are still in NZ haha). Do you get the feeling I love the blues of Greece? LOL.

10 thoughts on “Awesome stash haul !!!”

  1. How much fun to get stash in the mail ….. even if it was already yours! Its still fun to open up the package and look through charts you haven’t seen for a while.

  2. EEKK!! Its almost like christmas to dig through all those charts 🙂 Especially when it didn’t cost much more than the postage 🙂 Have fun with all the newly “re”aquired charts

  3. I’m sure if your friends do show up for the weekend, you’ll have a wonderful time with them. And if they don’t – the weekend will still be wonderful. 😀
    Win/Win for Anne!

  4. Excellent stash 🙂 there’s nothing like being reunited with your stash! I love the greek theme you’ve got going this week, I too love the greek blues 😀

  5. You should have your mum send some every month so that you can start to get back to your own stash. What a collection I imagine you have!

    I hope that you get this weekend to yourself, as you need some more sleep and stitching time!

    You have a real eye for composition in your photos. LOVE the blues!

  6. Hi Anne! Wow! You sure do have lots of stash, and i cracked up at your rotation that you have worked out. I do that too, sit around and ponder how int he world I am going to get it all stitched, and then a few days into the rotation it all goes down the drain, so, good luck with keeping yours rotating!

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