Rotation woes

I’ve been looking at all the projects I want to start, and struggling how to include them in a rotation … I think I could just about have a separate section in my rotation and have enough rotation slots to fill an entire year, without having to start from the top of the list again! So, I’ve been trying to work out which rotation slots I should work with, and which projects I’ve got in the wings for each slot … there are probably too many at this stage, but I guess it’s all a work in progress and it gives me somewhere to start. So, here goes:

* Focus piece – currently Dolphins Domain
* Smalls/Ornaments/SAL’s
* Charity blocks
* Canvaswork/Hardanger/Specialty embroidery & new techniques
* Focus piece
* UFO’s (selected at random)
* Smalls/Ornaments/SAL’s
* Mirabilia/L&L – currently Winter Queen (then Angel of Love)
* Focus piece
* Band samplers – currently Le Jardin Silk Sampler
* Finishing items (putting needlebooks together etc)
* Smalls/Ornaments/SAL’s
* Focus piece
* Kits & class projects
* UFO’s (free choice) – currently Nature’s Resting Place
* Quilting/Stumpwork
* Free choice

OK, I have to admit, there are a heck of a lot of slots in there, and it might not pan out to be viable – but I figure if I include regular slots for stumpwork, for example, I might actually get some of my old UFO’s finished (rather than just having them in the UFO slots). I also have a block of the month quilt that I need to stitch, but I’ve never really tried quilting before, so not sure how quickly I’ll start working on that one … probably after I’ve finished all the stumpwork haha. As for the different slots, following are some of the projects I feel will fit into the various areas – there are LOADS of projects on my wishlist, so it might take me 5 years of this rotation to actually see some get finished LOL. Here goes:

Focus Piece: Egyptian Garden Mandala, TW Noah’s Ark, TW English Garden Sampler (pretty much any of my ‘larger’ projects)

Smalls/Ornaments/SAL’s: There are loads that fall into this category, hence I’ve allocated every 5th slot to these to give me plenty of stitching time – my monthly ornament SAL with Friends Gather BB; SAL’s with Stitching Smalls Yahoo group (Folding Cross Needlebook by Indigo Rose, Bunnies in the Garden and Strawberries so Faire by With My Needle, Lavender Thistle Collection by Twisted Oaks Designs, A December Box by Cherished Stitches, Secret Garden by FMNIS); my new needleroll SAL with Katrina and ‘the gang’; plus my own personal projects, of which there are too many to mention.

Charity Blocks: I’ll look a couple of days before I’m due to start this slot to see what designs are required by Quilts4Kids, then I’ll get stitching it straightaway.

Canvaswork/Hardanger/Specialty embroidery: Canvaswork pieces by both Jen’s Jems and Orna Willis; Garden Sweet Bag by FMNIS; plus I want to start trying hardanger again, especially Walk the Gentle Path by Cross ‘n Patch. There are also some projects from Inspirations and Embroidery & XS magazines that I’d like to try out. I could probably include beading in this category too, as there are a couple of Mill Hill samplers I want to stitch.

Mirabilia/L&L: Angel of Love, Titania Queen of the Fairies, Enchanted Mermaid, Queen Mermaid, Royal Holiday, Deco Spirits.

Band Samplers: Bordeaux Mystery Sampler, Crimson Fire sampler by Victoria Sampler, Lily Pond sampler by Just Nan.

Finishing Items: Christmas ornaments, Summer into Autumn into a bellpull, Stars are Shining Brightly into a flat-fold, Pansy pillow into its little magnetic pillow, Merry Christmas by Bent Creek into a quilted wallhanging, hardanger needlecase, towel borders to be stitched onto towels, And Many More into a needlecase, Apricot Elegance (once stitched) into its needlecase and scissors fob, Dena into a cushion, tapestry irises into a cushion.

Kits & Class Projects: Class projects from Embroiderers Guid of America – Beginners Hardanger, Options in Hardanger (coming in a couple of months), Schwalm, Gracie (stumpwork), Casalguidi & Lavender, Ukrainian Whitework; From Heart of XS, Sacramento – class projects by Jodi Merusi, Martha Beth Lewis, Moss Creek Designs, Martha Schmidt, plus one more whose name escapes me right now. Add to that a huge list of kits that I’ve bought over the years from various holidays and locally (too many to list).

Quilting/Stumpwork: Block of the month “The Blue Collection” (quilting); Stumpwork all by Jane Nicholas – Needlework accessories (thimble pip, scissor keeper, bag, pincushion wheel, needlebook), Honesty & Heartsease, Oriental Poppy, Dragonfly, Pomegranates & Beetle.

UFO’s: Considering when I first started my list of UFO’s a few years ago there were 44 projects on the list … as of right now there are now 30 – including the Jane Nicholas stumpwork projects above. I won’t bother listing the other UFO’s here, as there are way too many.

So, quite a challenge ahead to get all these projects stitched! Perhaps it will help me to fill the need for more challenging/varied stitching projects, though, and stopping me from going off the rails from my rotation. I guess time will tell. As for the moment, I still have a couple of commitments to go before I start my rotation for ‘real’ – my two SBEBB exchanges (due 12 & 15 May), Batman logo charity block (due 15 May) … the other commitments are more relaxed timeframes, ie Bunnies in the Garden SAL is happening as we speak, but I can easily slot that into the Smalls/Ornaments/SAL’s slot, the same with my monthly ornament SAL …
Actually, it really helps just putting it all down on ‘paper’ 😀 I now just have to make sure I’ve got enough scroll bars etc for each slot … thank goodness I have some little Q-snaps coming soon, which will help out 😀

And just ‘cos there are no piccies this post again, here’s another fave piccie from Santorini, Greece (Oia village, to be exact) 🙂

14 thoughts on “Rotation woes”

  1. Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well, I hope you’re feeling a little better now.

    Phew Anne that’s some list. 🙂 Is that for this year or for the next 20?! It took me all my time just to read it never mind stitch it! LOL. (Can you tell I don’t do rotation stitching!)

  2. Anne, my head hurts after reading through all these projects,lol! Do you have all this charted out onto a calendar? I hope you can come up with something that works well for you.
    I love these pics from Greece. That place has always appealed to me visually – all the blue sky and water, white buildings, blue trim in the homes. Just gorgeous. 😀

  3. AnnneS – My head spins just reading through your proposal… Perhaps a stitching session on a Saturday when I find our my shifts might be the way to go… At least I could get to see all this lovely ‘eye candy’ occassionally…

  4. Hi Anne – I just want to say hello! I’m behind in my blogging and my blog-reading. I’ll come back and read your last two posts tomorrow when I am more awake!

  5. Oh Anne – you are going to be sooo busy with that rotation LOL! I am thrilled to see Bordeaux Mystery Sampler showing up there too!

  6. The trouble with this hobby of ours is that there are too many nice designs out there, and not enough time to do them all. Good luck with your rotation. Oooh that photo of Santorini is just beautiful…

  7. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling so well. That’s some list for rotation! Right now I’d hate to have to go through what I have currently fulled kitted and waiting…that includes both bigs and smalls. It can seem quite daunting

  8. That’s quite the rotation… would drive me nuts having that many pieces on the go!!!

    Beautiful photo! You’ve got a great eye!

  9. Your rotation looks like mine should be, but never quite makes it. About 2/3 of that size list gets relocated to the bottom of the barrel, in other words, UFOs. Girl, you got moxie. I like that in a woman. I get stuck in a “can’t” rut. If I wrote it down like you, I might stick to it, but I would rather keep failure a secret.

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