I survived work & Let the Games Begin!

Today was my last 5am start, and I now have two days off work – it was supposed to be 3 days, but I’m doing 4 hours of overtime on Sunday yippee!! My guests will be leaving on Sunday, so then it will be back to ‘business as usual’ – my apologies for not being around much on the blogs at the moment, but that’s the main reason … my hours of work have been appalling, and the time I have had at home has been spent with Hayley & Peter – today, however, I have a few hours to myself and I should be catching up on blogs, but I want to catch up on TV viewing from during the week that I’ve been missing, partly due to the fact I’ve been sleeping while my fave shows have been on, and partly because I have lost access to the remote control as it is owned by the current male of the household and have had to watch programmes I don’t normally have any interest in … so tonight I’d like to at least catch up on a couple of taped shows, and get a bit of stitching in – fingers crossed I’ll see the last stitches completed on my Star of Wonder ornament if nothing else … The latest progress is here – I managed to pop in a few extra stitches last night while in bed trying to wind down ready for sleep at 7.30pm – I couldn’t find my skein of GAST Black Crow, so I replaced it with plain old DMC 310.

I have the day off tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on some blogs again – I’m dreading looking and seeing how many have piled up for reading again … but I don’t want to skip any and miss out on anything good! LOL.

I should say, too, that last night was the opening of the Commonwealth Games held here in Melbourne – I taped the opening ceremony last night, so I can watch it in full, and the write-up was that it was a huge success. Some of the cycling and road events are taking place about 15 minutes walk away from me, as well as the swimming events, so I might get chance to wander down and soak up some of the atmosphere. Unfortunately, where sporting events are concerned, I can’t barrack for my Aussie brethren, even though I live here – my true colours are “All Black”, so I’ll be barracking for the Kiwis … unless the Kiwis aren’t in a race, of course, then the Aussies get my vote LOL. We’re very well known for our trans-Tasman sporting rivalry! 😀

9 thoughts on “I survived work & Let the Games Begin!”

  1. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie oy oy oy. LOL. A family member of mine from Adelaide is a volunter at the games. I certainly understand you back NZ as I back England if Australia is not in stuff. Tonight is TGILN – That is – Thank Goodness Its Lost Night. Happy tv watching.

  2. Sometimes I think I am soooo boring–always the same routine day in and day out, but when that routine is interrupted by visitors or work, then I feel totally thrown off–and can’t wait to get back to normal!! LOL. Have a nice break from work!

  3. Your ornament looks great Anne 🙂

    The opening ceremony did Melbourne proud – loved the bit along the Yarra River. I support England first, then NZ. And if they play each other I support whoever’s winning! LOL!

  4. Star of Wonder is coming along nicely. Enjoy your days off. You deserve them. My worst tv remote commendirering was when friends from England came to visit a few years back. 4 males to 1 female. (5 males to 2 females if you count the cats) Guess who won out there….

  5. I started my Bordeaux Mystery Sampler tonight! But, for some reason, Blogger is acting up and won’t post my entry – maybe it will show upb tomorrow? Anyhow, wanted to show it to you!

  6. Yay! You made it through and now have some well-deserved time off. Enjoy!!
    Your Star of Wonder looks just fabulous, of course. 😀

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