Doing ladies things ‘cos I’m a lady!!

Yet another Little Britain line LOL … but the title reflects my day yesterday – had a wonderful day out, once I recovered from my hangover!! H & P arrived Sunday lunchtime, and once I got home from work at about 7pm, H and I sat and had dinner that I whipped together, followed by a nice bottle of chardonnay … followed by another bottle of chardonnay … after that I quit drinking, but H put another bottle away as well as half a bottle of red – how the heck she managed to walk, I don’t know!! After about 5 glasses of wine, I was suffering the next morning – I’m just not used to drinking anymore as I don’t do it very often … I didn’t sleep too well, and felt decidedly seedy yesterday morning 😦 But we caught a tram into the city and spent a lovely afternoon in the fresh air having a bite to eat and lovely coffee with a friend of H’s at Melbourne University – then went shopping for a while at Melbourne Central … it’s quite a nice shopping complex now – I was really surprised. Then after a quick nibble of sushi we came home, and went to Dan Murphy’s and a supermarket and stocked up for the week. A dinner of very healthy chicken wraps followed, and not a single drop of alcohol … phew! I’ve told H she can’t come back to stay again for at least six weeks until I get released from rehab LOL – we do this every time she comes round, ‘cos we don’t see each other for about six months at a time, and nearly kill ourselves on the first night.

Anyway, I was supposed to be having an early night last night, and ended up picking up my needle at 10pm for an hour … and have some little white blobs to show for my efforts! I’m finally stitching the Star of Wonder ornament that I had planned to stitch with the Friends Gather BB last month, but my fabric didn’t arrive in time from Silkweaver – anyway, it’s finally started, and is a nice small thing to pick up while H & P are here. No stitching tonight, though, as I won’t get home from work until 6.30pm, and I have to be in bed at 7.30pm ready for a 5am start … that sucks big time! I HATE this changeover in shifts … mutter mutter mutter … Rightio, off to work I go …

8 thoughts on “Doing ladies things ‘cos I’m a lady!!”

  1. Hmmmm… I think you ladies need to lay off the wine! ROFL. That’s a nice start you have to the Midnight Clear ornament. That’s one that I’d like to do myself sometime. I hope that your shift changeover won’t be too brutal! *hug*

  2. Glad you’re enjoying your friends and time together, just not too much okay!! Lol! Hope this shift change goes smoothly for you.
    Your little sheepies are looking great! I know they’re over one so that’s fabulous stitching for that late in the evening after all the activity of the day.

  3. Sorry about the hangover, but it sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your friends. I’m glad to see that your fabric for Star of Wonder has finally arrived. I’ve been admiring everyone’s progress on that one.

  4. I have funky work shifts like that when I am working also. My forced time off will end on March 22, so I’ll have to re-adjust my sleeping schedule all over again. Too bad I just can’t stay home and stitch…

  5. At last! This is the 3rd time I’ve tried to post a comment – Blogger was totally uncooperative last night 😦

    I just wanted to say, sounds like you’re having a *very* good time with your friends 😉

    Congratulations on the ornament start – it looks lovely. I must dig mine out and get it started soon.

  6. Hi Stranger… I am feeling sensitive again that I don’t get emails from you anymore 😦 Hope all is well!!! I sent you something via email today…. let me know if you get it, OK?

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