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A meme to clear my mind

Mr Obnoxious is still with me this morning, as I knew he would be, so I’ve decided to take some time out to catch up on blogs to take my mind off it, before I start concentrating on my interview information. Thanks for your supportive comments – I am going to take it further, and take the time after my interview to speak to both the Manager of the area concerned, and also our own call centre manager. Mr O is the sort of guy who twists one comment you make 50 different ways and turns it back as an accusation and keeps harping on about the same thing then making it personal. He doesn’t swear at all at you, unlike some others – if he does, then we have the full management back-up to terminate the call after telling him we don’t have to put up with that sort of language etc … I’ve threatened that twice before, and both times they’ve calmed down – this guy is just in a league of his own! I wish I could give you an example of what was said, but that’d be unprofessional. His main personality is to take one word or sentence that was said, out of context, especially loving to stop you mid-sentence and start a tirade, and harp on about it for 15 minutes to turn it into a personal attack.

Anyway, enough of that vile pig (as someone else called him last night) … on to clearing my mind of clutter, by doing some ‘fun stuff’ 🙂 I just noticed that Chiara tagged me ages ago to do this meme – for some reason her blog wasn’t showing on my updated list, then all of a sudden there were 36 posts there today, including my ‘tag’ … so apologies for the delay (and thanks for tagging me Chiara!), but here goes:

The Meme of Fives

Here are the rules: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone else up a notch. Then add yours to the bottom spot. Like this:
Recent Runes
Chiara’s Loft
Feather Stitching

Then select 5 people to be tagged:
Um, I’m pretty sure that by now everyone in the universe has been tagged, and it would take me too long to wade through the unread posts to find who hasn’t … but if you read my blog, and you haven’t been tagged yet, feel free to join in 🙂

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Turning 30, working for a major international pharmaceutical company in Auckland, NZ, organising medical conferences for a living … wondering “what am I doing here?” and dreaming of working in the travel industry.

Five snacks you enjoy:

  1. Milk chocolate
  2. Salt & vinegar flavour potato chips/crisps
  3. Dips and with sliced turkish bread (eg hommus, tzatziki etc)
  4. Watermelon
  5. Chocolate-dipped strawberries

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics off the top of your head right now:

  1. Superman by Five for Fighting
  2. Superman by Five for Fighting
  3. Superman by Five for Fighting
  4. Superman by Five for Fighting
  5. … let’s just say, song lyrics are definitely NOT my forte! LOL – but I can hum along to all the tunes!

Five things you would do if you had one million dollars:

  1. Buy loads of aida so I can make more charity quilts, along with buying the charts and threads I’d need
  2. Buy a house near the beach
  3. Buy a new car for both myself (Mazda 323, blue, sporty model with rear spoiler shaped boot – not being specific, or anything LOL) and my Dad
  4. Take a long holiday to the places I’m still dying to see yet (Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, as well as many other places), and take Mum on a holiday too
  5. Share my spoils with others – give some of the money to my best friend and her family, some to Mum & Dad, and buy a car for Fraze

Five bad habits:

  1. Too soft, and easily taken for granted
  2. Swear like a trooper
  3. Don’t finish what I start
  4. Can be very untidy
  5. Great procrastinator sometimes

Five things you like doing:

  1. Stitching
  2. Watching DVD’s/going to the movies
  3. Having dinner with friends
  4. Walking on the beach
  5. Helping others

Five things you would never buy, wear or get new again:

  1. A car (it devalues so much as soon as you drive it off the lot)
  2. Uncomfortable shoes
  3. Clothes in pastel colours
  4. New DVD’s (would rather wait until the price comes down)
  5. ‘Label’ clothes/goods

Five favourite toys:

  1. My computer
  2. Mahjong
  3. Solitaire (pack of cards)
  4. Uno
  5. My stitching stash (spend more time playing in that than anything else! LOL)

2 thoughts on “A meme to clear my mind”

  1. Hi Anne, My english is quite poor so i understand a little of your problem but I’m really sad for your trouble, I hope everything will turn better and your interview go well!!! hugs

  2. Wow, Mr O. sounds completely vile.

    {{{Hugs}}} to you and good luck at your interview – I’m sure you’ll do brilliantly 🙂

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