I’m melting… & Twilight Zoo

Yup, just like a scene from the Wizard of Oz, I feel like the wicked witch, calling out “I’m melting!” … another high temperature day/night – managed to sleep for 2 hours, but have woken up and can’t get back to sleep again due to the intense heat and lack of air in the room 😦

Had a fantastic day today (although no stitching) – I got a call from work at 8.23am asking if I could come in for 4 hours overtime, which I accepted. The temperature was due to be 43C today, so we’d decided to go to Melbourne Zoo later in the afternoon, which worked out well – I could go to work for 4 hours in airconditioning (LOL) then it was home to pack the picnic ‘basket’ and off to the zoo. After wandering around for about 2 hours, we settled down on our blanket in front of the band rotunda, for a free jazz concert. It was incredibly relaxing sitting with a bottle of wine, and some antipastos to nibble on – and a local dancing group called “Swing Patrol” got up and danced to the music, then did a small dance presentation during the band’s break (mind you, they said they’d tamed their show down a lot due to the high heat, as it was too hot to do their normal energetic routine … can’t blame them!) – it was a wonderful and glorious evening. I’d definitely recommend the “Twilights Festival” experience at Melbourne Zoo for anyone who hasn’t done it yet – just lovely. And to top it all off, I didn’t have to miss the nightly lorikeet fly-over ritual … as the zoo is one of the places they must go to roost 🙂 We opted to just walk round about 1/3 of the animal displays due to the heat, then just blobbed out in front of the band stand for the rest of the night. We really enjoyed walking around the monkeys – and the only photo I’ll share, since I didn’t take very many, is one of a gorilla sat very patiently near the glass of the viewing area – can’t say he/she looks too thrilled about the temperature either! 😉

OK, now it’s time to drag the big stand-up fan into the bedroom – I think that’s the only way I’m going to get any sleep tonight for the 2nd night running … I think we have to go shopping tomorrow to buy two smaller ones for the bedrooms (the large one is usually in the lounge).

Thanks to everyone who leave comments – it’s really lovely to receive and read them 🙂

5 thoughts on “I’m melting… & Twilight Zoo”

  1. Hi there Anne,

    Hasn’t the heat been horrible… Like you I had a 4 hour shift yesterday and I accepted – mainly because of the heat… Air conditioned comfort…
    I apologise that I haven’t got back to you about dinner – between the weather and and my sinusitus I haven’t been a very happy camper – infact an extremely unhapy one – as you have probably seen by my blog – everything has just been too much!!!!!

  2. Gosh yes, your weather keeps making our news. And the fires. It’s hot enough here, can’t imagine what 40 plus degrees must be like. Yuk. Hope it breaks soon 🙂

  3. Good luck getting those fans. I cannot imagine those kind of temps!!

    The Twilight Zoo sounds great! Next time one of the zoos around here has one, I will definately try to go!

  4. Twilight at the Melb. Zoo sure is great. We went last year, and when the lions started roaring around dusk, we nearly jumped out of our skins, they were quite close to where we were sitting! Hope to go again with some friends next month.

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